World’s Finest #176 (1968) Review

Do you remember when Superman had a giant gold key that only he and other Kryptonian’s could use to unlock the Fortress of Solitude? When is the last time you read a comic with the World’s Greatest Detective and the Boy Wonder? For all of these Silver Age goodies and more, check out Soycornholio’s review HERE! Continue reading World’s Finest #176 (1968) Review

Deadpool: Nerdy 30 #1 Review

Only Deadpool would have a comic named Deadpool’s Nerdy 30. It’s amazing to believe that Deadpool has only been around for 30 years. Granted, there is Miles Morales and Kamala Khan, but are they on the same level as Deadpool? Let’s take a look at Marvel’s latest one-shot titled Deadpool’s Nerdy 30. Continue reading Deadpool: Nerdy 30 #1 Review

WandaVision Episode #8 Review

This has been one interesting roller coaster ride of a tv show. Marvel has seriously upped their game with WandaVision. From the overall plot, costumes, and of course the character development, I am beyond impressed. With that being said, let’s take a peek into what is taking place in episode 8 of Marvel’s WandaVision. Continue reading WandaVision Episode #8 Review