Peacemaker Episode #6 Review

Director: James Gunn

Writer: James Gunn

Publisher: DC
Price: $14.99 (HBO Max Subscription)
Release Date: 02/3/2022
Reviewer: Soycornholio


Murn After Reading:

James Gunn is back in both the directing and writing chair for Peacemaker episode # 6. Before I even dive into this review, I want to give a shoutout to John Cena’s biceps in the preview clip. The dude is making all of us regular guys hit the gym (or in my case HIIT) much more than usual. At this point, I cannot even ask my question of “how good is this week’s episode” again. If you are still not sold on Peacemaker yet, check out this review!

*Mild spoilers to follow*

The Big Reveal:

After the cliffhanger of episode five, episode six opens with Harcourt and Murn picking up where they left off. For those of us who were wondering whether we lost Harcourt, she is still alive. This reveal coupled with another teammate knowing Murn’s secret put me at ease. I really enjoy the character of Harcourt. Both tough and ambitious with just enough heart? Sign me up. If she would’ve died…Yea, I would have had been sad. I especially love the way she works in tandem with Peacemaker. As I said before, I can see both she and Peacemaker developing a strong friendship.

Episode 6 Review of Peacemaker


Peacemaker is about duos. Yes, there is the larger team, but some of the best moments we have had in Peacemaker thus far, are from duos. One such duo is Song and Auggie. Song deals with a lot of racism from Peacemaker’s dad (duh). Initially, her comebacks were a bit…stale to say the least. This time around, we see her taking a stronger role in not only her sharpness but with taking down Peacemaker. While she and Fitzgibbon are trying to hunt down Peacemaker for the building blow-up back in episode one, we are treated to an amazing escape scene with both Vigilante and Peacemaker that leads to some disturbing results. Let’s just say, we will see a lot more of Song moving forward.

Peacemaker White Dragon

A la Stephen King:

Gunn’s writing in Pacemaker number six seems like Stephen King was the guest writer. We had the slow build-up, the various plots, and now, we are deep into the supernatural/alien esque side of the house. Besides not wanting to be near a butterfly ever again, Peacemaker definitely evokes a few horror plots that we have either read or seen in a Stephen King novel. Excellent job Gunn. Excellent job. For a person who can take something as innocent as a butterfly and turn it into an Invasion of the Body Snatchers type of alien, is amazing.

Peacemaker tickling the ivories.

Final thoughts:

Peacemaker episode six continued to ride the wave of the preceding episodes. With Gunn back in the writing and directing seat, this episode was sure to hit a home run. I cannot stop recommending that everyone watches this show. It is something different that we have yet to see in DC (yes, even with The Suicide Squad being a thing). DC is beginning to show us that with HBO Max at their disposal, the sky (and the universe itself) is the limit!


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