X-Men: Before the Fall – Sinister Four #1 Preview

X-Men: Before the Fall – Sinister Four #1 Preview: As the nineteenth century drew to a close, the dying Nathaniel Essex unleashed four clones of himself into the world. They’ve been haunting it ever since, while lurking in the shadows. We know what Sinister has been up to. What about the others? In this issue, we delve into their past…and discover their latest atrocity. When they start to…date? Check out theX-Men: Before the Fall – Sinister Four #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading X-Men: Before the Fall – Sinister Four #1 Preview

X-23: Deadly Regenesis #5 Preview

X-23: Deadly Regenesis #5 Preview: LAURA KINNEY has done terrible things in her time as an assassin for the Facility. And now that past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance! With HAYMAKER on one side, KINGPIN on the other and KIMURA orchestrating the nightmare, the woman once known as X-23 will have to bring all her fighting skills and mutant power to bear if she’s to survive this deadly convergence of enemies! Check out the X-23: Deadly Regenesis #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading X-23: Deadly Regenesis #5 Preview

Venom: Lethal Protector II #5 Preview

Venom: Lethal Protector II #5 Preview: JVENOM FACES A DOOMSDAY SCENARIO! VENOM and SILVER SABLE’s final battle with the most dangerous foes they’ve ever fought reaches its climax, and they better win – because the fate of the entire world is on the line. It’s a battle that will change them forever, but little do they know that the real fight is about to begin…for DOOM has sprung his nefarious trap. His prize? The Venom symbiote itself! Check out the Venom: Lethal Protector II #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading Venom: Lethal Protector II #5 Preview

Venom #22 Preview

Venom #22 Preview: For months, Eddie Brock’s consciousness has been displaced in time! You’ve seen what happens when he’s flung himself to the far future of the Marvel Universe – now see what happens when he tries to traverse its past! Face to face with the mysterious FLEXO in the past, the part symbiotes have played in the Marvel U will take a surprising and new turn! Check out the Venom #22 Preview HERE! Continue reading Venom #22 Preview

Thor Annual #1 Preview

Thor Annual #1 Preview: Enter…MYTHOS! When M.O.D.O.K. – fueled by revenge and a refusal to ever again be someone else’s pawn – seizes control of all of the Ten Realms but Asgard, Thor the All-Father must step in and regain control of the Ten Realms and the World Tree. But M.O.D.O.K.’s new, cosmic power proves to be a greater threat than Thor could imagine, and he’ll need the inspiration of some beloved friends from Midgard to reclaim his realms and his awesome power. Check out the Thor Annual #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Thor Annual #1 Preview

Star Wars #36 Preview

Star Wars #36 Preview: With the discovery that the Empire is building a second DEATH STAR, the Rebels are on the verge of despair. But LEIA ORGANA has devised an impossible mission to remind both the Rebels and the galaxy how to hope. It’s the FALCON’s time to shine, as the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy flies into the belly of the beast! Check out the Star Wars #36 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars #36 Preview

Spider-Man #10 Preview

Spider-Man #10 Preview: SPIDER-MAN VS. ELECTRO – NO HOLDS BARRED! The web-slinger and the Emperor of Electricity have both leveled up since they last faced each other, and one really wants to kill the other. Plus, Norman Osborn does something that may end his new amicable relationship with Spider-Man. Check out the Spider-Man #10 Preview HERE! Continue reading Spider-Man #10 Preview

Edge of Spider-Verse #4 Preview

Edge of Spider-Verse #4 Preview: DREAM-SPIDER RETURNS! The new spider-character from the hit DEADLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN miniseries returns in her first solo adventure! ALSO: What if that radioactive spider we all know and love bit…J. JONAH JAMESON?! Check out the Edge of Spider-Verse #4 Preview HERE! Continue reading Edge of Spider-Verse #4 Preview

Fantastic Four #9 Preview

Fantastic Four #9 Preview: Alicia, Sue and Johnny face off against Ben and Reed – as they battle for the survival of their minds themselves against an alien that can wipe their memories clean! But can they survive this brutal onslaught from their friends and lovers, the very people who know them – and their powers – better than anyone else in the universe? We’ll all find out together in this Alicia-narrated issue! Plus: A meditation on the nature of art itself! And cool fights too! Check out the Fantastic Four #9 Preview HERE! Continue reading Fantastic Four #9 Preview

Doctor Strange #5 Preview

Doctor Strange #5 Preview: DARK WEDDING BELLS RINGING! Strange and Clea have been invited to an interdimensional wedding. But when the bride is Clea’s own mother, Umar the Unrelenting, it’s not exactly the family event the Stranges want to attend. Especially when the guests are mysteriously being murdered! Check out the Doctor Strange #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading Doctor Strange #5 Preview

Clobberin’ Time #5 Preview

Clobberin’ Time #5 Preview: OGDU FRAIZE’s plan is almost complete, he has reverse engineered every item of power across the Marvel Universe’s timestream to create the PSYCHOPOMP machine, a device that will steal the creation energy of the nascent GALACTUS and the SENTIENCE of the UNIVERSE at the moment of the BIG BANG. The THING, DOCTOR DOOM and TUVAH TU are an unwilling audience to the universe’s re-making. That is, unless they can get free… Check out the Clobberin’ Time #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading Clobberin’ Time #5 Preview

Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1 Preview

Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1 Preview: After facing off against the Brood with the X-Men and losing someone she holds dear, Carol Danvers needs a break. She’s not about to get it now! A slinky new cosmic threat comes for Earth’s Mightiest, and they know just who to recruit to really wreck Carol’s world – a surprise legacy villain! Join industry legend Ann Nocenti and artist Paolo Villanelli of STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTERS fame as they take the torch from Kelly Thompson’s record-breaking run and slingshot Captain Marvel from the Harpswell Sound to the far reaches of the galaxy! Check out the Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1 Preview

Captain America #750 Preview

Captain America #750 Preview: After the harrowing events of CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR, the Captains America return home to mourn their fallen – and strive to honor the power of legacy. Plus: The secret origin of Sam Wilson’s new shield revealed, and a bold new direction for Sharon Carter! In honor of 750 issues of CAPTAIN AMERICA, a team of fan-favorite guest writers join forces with superstar artists to spin timeless tales celebrating the epic history of the star-spangled hero! Don’t miss this jam-packed oversized issue! Check out the Captain America #750 Preview: HERE! Continue reading Captain America #750 Preview

Steelworks #2 Preview

Steelworks #2 Preview – John Henry Irons’s Steelworks company may be up and running, but this radical reimagining of Metropolis civic works has caught the attention of the biggest players in the city—both good and evil! With rival businessman Charles Walker III’s newest mutation, the Silver Mist, stalking Steel’s armory, John Henry had better watch his back or he might get a knife planted into it! All this while wrestling with the biggest question of all for our man of steel…“Am I man or Super-Man?” Check out the Steelworks #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Steelworks #2 Preview

Peacemaker Tries Hard! #3 Preview

Peacemaker Tries Hard! #3 Preview – Betrayed, bleeding, and broken, Peacemaker drags his finely toned body to a local watering hole where he can existentially question his violent pursuit of peace from the safety of a barstool. But his wallowing is short-lived. He’s going to get his dog back…but he’s going to need some help. Lucky for Peacemaker, his parole officer, Richard, has a colorful costumed past… Check out the Peacemaker Tries Hard! #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Peacemaker Tries Hard! #3 Preview

Knight Terrors: The Joker #1 Preview

Knight Terrors: The Joker #1 Preview – The Joker’s worst nightmare becomes a reality: he’s got a day job! How will he handle meetings that could have been emails?! Why did management cancel “bring your child to work” day?! Who will want to make small talk at the coffee machine?! What is Alexis going to pick for lunch?! And who is the masked madman terrorizing Gotham at night?! Check out The Knight Terrors: The Joker #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Knight Terrors: The Joker #1 Preview

Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 Preview

Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 Preview – Defend your life, Rose Wilson! Ravager is separated from Stormwatch and trapped in a nightmare world where she must protect her younger self from being consumed and corrupted by the Murder Man and his blood-crazed Slaughter Squadron. Can Ravager protect a young Rose Wilson without losing her own identity? Why does the Murder Man seem so familiar, and how does he know so much about Rose? Check out the Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 Preview