Superman Red And Blue #2 Preview

Superman Red And Blue #2 Preview – There are tales starring Clark Kent, the original Superman, including a showdown with his most tenacious foe, Lex Luthor—but there is also a great space adventure with Val-Zod, the Superman of Earth-2, going up against an amped-up version of Prometheus. Check out the Superman Red And Blue #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Superman Red And Blue #2 Preview

The Joker #2 Review

The Joker #2 Review – As James Tynion continues to expand his reach over all things Bat-related, which I am absolutely loving, let’s see what’s going on in issue two of The Joker! Also, can does our “backup” story perform well enough to get rid of the dreaded “backup” status? Or not… Check out The Joker #2 Review Here! Continue reading The Joker #2 Review

World’s Finest #176 (1968) Review

Do you remember when Superman had a giant gold key that only he and other Kryptonian’s could use to unlock the Fortress of Solitude? When is the last time you read a comic with the World’s Greatest Detective and the Boy Wonder? For all of these Silver Age goodies and more, check out Soycornholio’s review HERE! Continue reading World’s Finest #176 (1968) Review