The Incredible Hulk #2 Review

The Mother of Horrors demands her freedom! And in order to make it happen, her most dutiful servant – a terrifying monstrosity who calls herself the Eldest – seeks to reclaim that wayward son of monsters: the Hulk himself. Now every eldritch horror and primordial being has its eyes set on the Jade Giant! Meanwhile, on their path to peace and isolation, Banner and his new friend Charlie find themselves forced to pass through an abandoned coal mining town…but when night falls, the term “ghost town” takes on a terrifying new meaning. Continue reading The Incredible Hulk #2 Review

Venom #23 Review

A NEW VISION OF TOXIN! Toxin is the offspring of the most dangerous symbiote in the history of the Marvel Universe: CARNAGE. But while Carnage and Cletus Kasady are separated and both devising machinations and plans of cosmic bloodshed and conquest, what has its progeny been doing? And will Dylan Brock or the Venom symbiote survive when they come face to face with this latest terrifying Toxin?! PLUS: Toxin isn’t the only symbiote in this story who’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen! The symbiote family is about to grow a little larger… and what’s coming will change the continuing saga of the symbiotes FOREVER! Continue reading Venom #23 Review

What If…? Dark: Venom #1 Preview

What If…? Dark: Venom #1 Preview – WHAT IF…BEN GRIMM BECAME VENOM? When BEN GRIMM returns to Earth after his exploration of space post-SECRET WARS, he finds that the FANTASTIC FOUR has trapped a helpless Klyntar symbiote in Reed’s lab! But is that symbiote really helpless? Or is it truly one of the most dangerous symbiotes in the galaxy? Witness the birth of a brand-new VENOM! Check out the What If…? Dark: Venom #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading What If…? Dark: Venom #1 Preview

Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1 Preview

Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1 Preview: School is back in session, and Strange Academy is kicking the school year off with a field trip to New York City to throw down against Brooklyn Visions Academy in the MULTIVERSAL MATH BOWL! When a mysterious new villain crashes the mathletics, the students of Strange Academy must team up with Miles Morales to put a stop to his plots. ONE CHAPTER OF A THRILLIING THREE-PART SAGA! Continue reading Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1 Preview

Star Wars: Yoda #10 Preview

Star Wars: Yoda #10 Preview: THE FINAL LESSON! After years in exile on DAGOBAH, legendary JEDI MASTER YODA is visited by a ghost of his past. Plagued by painful memories, he must enter the CAVE OF EVIL to face his ultimate fear. But will the Jedi’s greatest teacher recall the most important lesson of all? Check out the Star Wars: Yoda #10 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: Yoda #10 Preview

Star Wars: Dark Droids #1 Preview

Star Wars: Dark Droids #1 Preview: Who or what is THE SCOURGE, and why is no droid safe? As a corruption spreads from one droid to the next THE REBELLION and THE EMPIRE face chaos! What role does AJAX SIGMA play in all of this? And whose side is he on? Find out when horror comes to a galaxy far, far away! Charles Soule continues his legendary run on STAR WARS with the most ambitious event in STAR WARS comics history! Joined by his WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS collaborator Luke Ross, the superstar team carves a new path for the future! Check out the Star Wars: Dark Droids #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: Dark Droids #1 Preview

Scarlet Witch #7 Preview

Scarlet Witch #7 Preview – JOURNEY INTO OZ! Wanda swore to help anyone who walked through her door…but what happens when that person is a villain? When Nelson Gruber, A.K.A. Bookworm, comes through the Last Door seeking aid to kill wicked witches in a corner of Oklahoma that’s been transformed into the Emerald City, Wanda must choose between honoring her covenant and going against her own principles. Now the Scarlet Witch has attracted the attention of a dangerous new foe – introducing NICOLA ZOSIMOS, A.K.A. HEXFINDER! PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – WHO ARE THE G.O.D.S.? Check out the Scarlet Witch #7 Preview HERE! Continue reading Scarlet Witch #7 Preview

Magneto #1 Preview

Magneto #1 Preview: MAGNETO WAS RIGHT! MAGNETO burst onto the scene as the most diabolical of “Evil Mutants”! But when PROFESSOR XAVIER must leave the planet for life-saving treatment, Magneto inherits a new title: TEACHER! With the NEW MUTANTS under his tutelage, how will these young and powerful mutants learn to take orders from…a super villain?! And one who tried to KILL them and their predecessors?! There are two sides to every story, and J.M. DeMatteis and Todd Nauck weave a tale that will show how Magneto Was Right…from a certain point of view. In fact, one mutant, known as IRAE, in her FIRST EVER APPEARANCE, has taken Magneto’s lessons to heart in a way that will upend even the Master of Magnetism’s best strategies! Get ready for an all-new saga set during Magneto’s tenure as Headmaster of the NEW MUTANTS, and learn how the once die-hard villain emerged as a conflicted figure in the saga of the X-MEN! Check out theMagneto #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Magneto #1 Preview

Moon Knight #26 Preview

Moon Knight #26 Preview: While Moon Knight is dealing with the apocalyptic events of MOON KNIGHT #25, what of Hunter’s Moon? Khonshu’s faithful Fist leads new converts to war, but how exactly was his most recent resurrection flawed, and does this new weakness spell doom for Dr. Badr? PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – WHO ARE THE G.O.D.S.? Check out the Moon Knight #26 Preview HERE! Continue reading Moon Knight #26 Preview

Fantastic Four #10 Preview

Fantastic Four #10 Preview: Thousands of years ago, a desperate alien race built a colossal sleeper ship – an ark – to escape their dying sun, setting a course toward a new and distant world. A single volunteer was to be awakened from stasis every hundred years to serve as their protector and caretaker, before finally training the next one. But something has gone horribly wrong. The ship’s engines have failed, and the ark is trapped in a dark void – infinite, silent and deadly – where even the light of stars can’t enter. The newest caretaker awakens to an empty ship. His predecessor’s body lies decaying against a bulkhead, beneath monstrous images of impossible beings drawn in blood. And the horrifying vision of an alien on fire hovers outside the ship, as the bang of rocky fists on the hull echoes throughout darkened hallways… PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – WHO ARE THE G.O.D.S.? Check out the Fantastic Four #10 Preview HERE! Continue reading Fantastic Four #10 Preview

Doctor Strange #6 Preview

Doctor Strange #6 Preview: Many years ago, Doctor Strange fought in a five thousand-year battle called the War of the Seven Spheres. But what was it? And how did it create the mysterious threat that plagues Strange today? PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – WHO ARE THE G.O.D.S.? Check out the Doctor Strange #6 Preview HERE! Continue reading Doctor Strange #6 Preview

Death of the Venomverse #1 Preview

Death of the Venomverse #1 Preview: THE END OF THE VENOMVERSE IS HERE! CULLEN BUNN and GERARDO SANDOVAL reunite to bring the symbiotic ax down on the VENOMVERSE! CARNAGE has been building his powers up, extracting unique abilities from many villains throughout the MARVEL UNIVERSE to the point of traversing the Multiverse with ONE GOAL: KILL ANY AND ALL VENOMS! Check out the Death of the Venomverse #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Death of the Venomverse #1 Preview

Astonishing Iceman #1 Preview

Astonishing Iceman #1 Preview: THE OMEGA-LEVEL MUTANT AS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE! After the events of this year’s can’t-miss HELLFIRE GALA, BOBBY DRAKE, A.K.A. ICEMAN, sets his sights on heroic deeds like never before. But as a new situation develops that links Iceman to his Antarctic ice palace, he’ll have to be slicker than ever to accomplish his mission before ORCHIS knows what hit them! An all-new adventure that’ll push Iceman to the limits of his powers…and beyond! Check out the Astonishing Iceman #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Astonishing Iceman #1 Preview

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Preview

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Preview: HALLOWS’ EVE RETURNS! HALLOWS’ EVE’s big play to break Chasm out of jail! You don’t want to miss this! PLUS, find out what the HELLFIRE GALA means to the Spider-World THIS year! It is INTENSE! Check out the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Preview

The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly #1 Preview

The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly #1 Preview: The immortal witch Thessaly is no stranger to dead ends. But she’s won the hearts of gods and beings more powerful than gods, and persistence has always been her strong suit. Following her scheming machinations in Nightmare Country and Dead Boy Detectives, Thessaly is more determined than ever to suss out the seemingly impenetrable mystery surrounding the death of Madison Flynn. To do that, she’s going to have to get close to the source material—close enough to magic herself into the job of screenwriter on Madison Flynn’s biopic. But she’s going to need a little help to keep the gig…perhaps from one of those Muses the King of Dreams told her about long ago… The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly reunites Nightmare Country visionary James Tynion IV with star Faithless artist Maria Llovet to take you on a journey through the festering darkness pulsating beneath Hollywood’s glitz and glamour! Check out The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly #1 Preview

Steelworks #3 Preview

Steelworks #3 Preview – AT THE MERCY OF THE SILVER MIST! Natasha Irons may have solved the mystery of the strange intruder at Steelworks Tower…but will she live to tell the tale? The Silver Mist’s plan to sabotage Steel’s technology takes a twisted new turn, and murder is in the air! Meanwhile, John Henry’s bold vision for Metropolis has driven a wedge between him and the Super-Family, all on the eve of Metropolis’s biggest celebration: Centennial Day. Check out the Steelworks #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Steelworks #3 Preview

Scooby-Doo Where Are You? #123 Preview

Scooby-Doo Where Are You? #123 Preview – Mystery Inc. is taking in the merriment at Coolsville’s local Swedish Festival when everything turns to chaos as the Drudging Draugr begins pillaging his way through the gathering! Can the gang crack the mystery quickly to save the celebration? Check out the Scooby-Doo Where Are You? #123 Preview HERE! Continue reading Scooby-Doo Where Are You? #123 Preview

Peacemaker Tries Hard! #4 Preview

Peacemaker Tries Hard! #4 Preview – Things go from bad to worse when Peacemaker, with the help of some Golden Age superheroes, infiltrates General Immortus’s secret island base—but ends up captured by a drug smuggler with a penchant for his own goods. Bullets, powder, and punches fly, and Peacemaker’s geriatric squad have victory in sight. But first…they’ll have to get through Deathstroke! Well…kinda… Check out the Peacemaker Tries Hard! #4 Preview HERE! Continue reading Peacemaker Tries Hard! #4 Preview