The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly #1 Preview

The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly #1 Preview: The immortal witch Thessaly is no stranger to dead ends. But she’s won the hearts of gods and beings more powerful than gods, and persistence has always been her strong suit. Following her scheming machinations in Nightmare Country and Dead Boy Detectives, Thessaly is more determined than ever to suss out the seemingly impenetrable mystery surrounding the death of Madison Flynn. To do that, she’s going to have to get close to the source material—close enough to magic herself into the job of screenwriter on Madison Flynn’s biopic. But she’s going to need a little help to keep the gig…perhaps from one of those Muses the King of Dreams told her about long ago… The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly reunites Nightmare Country visionary James Tynion IV with star Faithless artist Maria Llovet to take you on a journey through the festering darkness pulsating beneath Hollywood’s glitz and glamour!




Variant cover by SKYLAR PATRIDGE

1:25 variant cover by JASMIN DARNELL

$4.99 US | 40 pages | One-shot | Variant $5.99 US (card stock)

ON SALE 8/1/23

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