G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #279 Review

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #279 Review- In part four of “Untold Tales” G.I. Joe scribe extraordinaire Larry Hama tells a tale of a battle in the skies as the Terror Drome launches an attack on the aircraft carrier Flagg. Let’s hope our heroes can save the day and we all can enjoy a YOJO Cola afterward!! Check out my G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #279 Review Here!! Continue reading G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #279 Review

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Serpentor Uncoiled #1 Review

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Serpentor Uncoiled Review – IDW gives G.I. Joe fans quite a treat in the form of a one-shot reprinting G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Vol 1 issues 49 and 50 from 1986. These issues focus mainly on the origin of one of Cobra’s biggest baddies, Serpentor! Let’s head to Springfield and see what legendary G.I. Joe scribe Larry Hama had up in sleeve!! Check out my G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Serpentor Uncoiled Review Here!!! Continue reading G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Serpentor Uncoiled #1 Review

Daredevil #29 Review

Daredevil #29 Review- As Elektra steps further into the role of Daredevil, what other goings-on are brewing in Hell’s Kitchen? Also, has Matt managed to keep his mask on and keep under the radar during his prison stint?? Let’s dive into my favorite ongoing Marvel book and find out! Check out my Daredevil #29 Review Here!!! Continue reading Daredevil #29 Review

The Joker #2 Review

The Joker #2 Review – As James Tynion continues to expand his reach over all things Bat-related, which I am absolutely loving, let’s see what’s going on in issue two of The Joker! Also, can does our “backup” story perform well enough to get rid of the dreaded “backup” status? Or not… Check out The Joker #2 Review Here! Continue reading The Joker #2 Review

Black Cat #4 Review

Black Cat #4 Review – After this rebooted run began oddly enough with tie-ins to King in Black, we’re finally back to Black Cat in her familiar territory! Let’s see what Felicia is up to now that things have seemingly gotten back to normal?! Check out Black Cat #4 Review Here ! Continue reading Black Cat #4 Review

X-Men Legends #2 Review

X-men Legends #2 Review – After all this time can Fabian Nicieza live up to the hype that comes with a story that has layed dormant for 30 years? Will it live up to the hype of what “could be” with an additional Summers brother, or will it fall flat and be a letdown? Let’s travel back to the Marvel 616 circa 1991 and find out! Check out X-men Legends #2 Review Here! Continue reading X-Men Legends #2 Review

Detective Comics #1034 Review

Detective Comics #1034 Review – As Mariko Tamaki takes over her Detective Comics run “officially” after a spring training of sorts with Future State Dark Detective, what path will we be led down? Does anything that happened on Future State matter? Will we be browbeaten with more cult stories as we were in the previous run, or something altogether new? Let’s head to Gotham City and find out!! Check out Detective Comics #1034 Review Here!!! Continue reading Detective Comics #1034 Review

Nightwing #78 Review

Nightwing #78 Review – Finally! We’ve finally made it to something I’ve personally been waiting for forever it seems. A new voice, a new direction, and possibly a seat at the big table for Dick Grayson?? Is Nightwing the “A” list hero that new writer Tom Taylor claims he is or is he at least on the so-called path to greatness? Let’s head to Gotham, or Bludhaven, or wherever the heck Tom Taylor wants to lead us on this new adventure! Check out Nightwing #78 Review HERE!! Continue reading Nightwing #78 Review

King in Black: Spider-Man #1 Review

King in Black: Spider-Man #1 Review – We all know it’s Peter Parker’s fault that this Knull/Symbiote stuff is even happening, right? I mean it IS his fault! Well if you didn’t, we’ll find out why it is and what exactly, if anything Spidey can do against an alien god, and planet Earth overrun by symbiotes! Check out King in Black: Spider-Man #1 Review HERE!! Continue reading King in Black: Spider-Man #1 Review

Daredevil #28 Review

Daredevil #28 Review – After two issues of King in Black tie-ins, we’re back to our regular monthly best ongoing book put out by Marvel! We’ve got Daredevil(Elektra), Matt Murdock, Wilson Fisk, and Typhoid Mary! What more could we want! Let’s head to Hell’s Kitchen! Check out Daredevil #28 Review HERE!! Continue reading Daredevil #28 Review

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 Review

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 Review – Did someone say there’s a new Spidey book? A new number one? A so-called “fresh start” 😉?? Sign me up!! Let’s jump into what’ll surely be “non-stop” action and intrigue and catch up with one of our most popular and beloved Marvel characters. Check out Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 Review Here! Continue reading Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 Review

Infinite Frontier #0 Review

Infinite Frontier #0 Review – We get DC’s latest attempt at a soft reboot, or reset or attempt to boost sales, or attempt to right the listing ship known as continuity. Do they succeed? Is this another “Rebirth” or something else altogether?? Let’s take a peek and try and make some sense of this! Check out Infinite Frontier #0 Review HERE! Continue reading Infinite Frontier #0 Review

Hellions #10 Review

Hellions #10 Review- Anyone even remotely with the X-men and their nemesis Arcade is familiar with Murderworld. Let’s see if 2021’s version takes us back to the classic Claremont era Arcade stories, or if Zeb Wells has something altogether in mind for all the X-fans out there! Check out the Hellions #10 Review HERE Continue reading Hellions #10 Review

Wolverine #10 Review

Wolverine #10 Review – When a couple of former Team X members get together in a hostile situation what do you get?? A whole lot of action! Let’s head not to Krakoa, but Madripoor and see what trouble Wolverine and Maverick are into! Check out Wolverine #10 Review HERE! Continue reading Wolverine #10 Review