Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Review

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Review – Brielle Brooks (AKA Blade’s Daughter) deals with school, her mom and, of course, vampires in Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1. It’s a mediocre start to the series with a couple bright spots throughout that give hope for future issues. Continue reading Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Review

Scarlet Witch #2 Review

Scarlet Witch #2 Review – Wanda Maximoff is no stranger to grief, so when Viv Vision stumbles through Wanda’s door, exhausted and terrified of the nightmares playing her mother’s death on repeat, Wanda dives into Viv’s dreams to find the cause of the android’s suffering. And it turns out Viv isn’t alone in her mind… Scarlet Witch faces off against DREAMQUEEN in a reality-bending battle for Viv’s freedom! Check out the Scarlet Witch #2 Review HERE! Continue reading Scarlet Witch #2 Review

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 Review

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 Review – Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 continues the deep dive into Gnosticism, as Doctor Strange becomes involved in delivering the goddess Sophia’s baby in two different planes of reality, even as he’s embroiled in an attempt to remove the god Bythos from The Body Machine in the ancient city of Sanc Nistos. Are you lost yet? If you’ve ever wanted to know what an acid trip is like without actually taking acid, then dive into this book! Continue reading Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 Review

Savage Avengers #8 Review

Savage Avengers #8 Review – In the year 2099, Ultron has subjugated the future with Deathlok technology. Yet nowhere is resistance fiercer than the shattered kingdom of Latveria, as DOOM 2099 and his ramshackle army of Doombots wage endless war against the Machine Empire! With 2099’s most powerful champion on their side, can Jake Gallows and the Savage Avengers find salvation within the rubble of Tiger Wylde’s fortress? Or will our heroes finally fall before Ultron’s irresistible might? Don’t miss the shocking twist that will leave Marvel fans on the edge of their seats! Continue reading Savage Avengers #8 Review

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 Review

The creepiest Spider-Story in years continues! Beset and beleaguered by the wicked power of DEMON BEAR, Peter Parker is having nightmares whenever he falls asleep and sometimes even when he hasn’t! Worse still, it’s making his time as Spider-Man even MORE difficult! But there’s no rest for a weary spider, and the web-slinger will have no choice but to dig in and hang on—unless he wants to meet a grizzly end! (Hah. Grizzly!) Continue reading Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 Review

Star Wars Revelations #1 Review

Star Wars Revelations #1 Review – Star Wars Revelations #1 is a good jumping-on point for new readers, as it kickstarts the next year by introducing a few major plots and subplots, checking in with the characters from each of the current Star Wars books and setting up new storylines for each of them. What is the Spark Eternal and how has it changed Doctor Aphra? What’s the artifact that the Emperor fears and Vader has to find? What strange visions of the future does Vader see on Mustafar? And what ancient menace from the High Republic era do Luke, Leia, Chewie and Lando discover on a distant world? Continue reading Star Wars Revelations #1 Review

Captain America and the Winter Soldier Special #1 Review

Power. Money. Machine. Love. Revolution. The 20th century progressed at a more rapid pace than any other in history but not without help from the shadows. Kev Walker joins CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing to explore the origin of Captain America’s newest foe — and what the Outer Circle’s next play means for the status of the Winter Soldier. Continue reading Captain America and the Winter Soldier Special #1 Review

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 Review

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 Review – Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 continues the story of Lady Qi’ra and her criminal empire Crimson Dawn, operating during the Age of Rebellion. She continues her vendetta against Darth Sidious (AKA the Emperor), determined to destroy him using his own mastery of the Dark Side of the Force against him, with the help of the Knights of Ren and Madelin Sun, Qi’ra’s right-hand, who’s force sensitive and well-versed in ancient Jedi relics. It’s a thrilling first issue with a harrowing space battle, a standoff with the Emperor and a desperate gambit with an ancient artifact imbued with Dark Side Force energy. Continue reading Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 Review

Gold Goblin #1 Review

Gold Goblin #1 Review: Norman Osborn’s sins may have been cleansed, but his memories weren’t and he’s done plenty of horrific things to remember. Norman’s worked hard to avoid all things “Goblin” and to stay on the straight and narrow. Check out the Gold Goblin #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Gold Goblin #1 Review

Star Wars: The High Republic #2 Review

Star Wars: The High Republic #2 Review – Last issue, a mystery figure used the dark side to stop Jedi Knight Vildar Mac’s heart, leaving him temporarily dead. This issue, in Star Wars: The High Republic #2, Vildar and Padawan Matty Cathley go in pursuit of the mysterious cloaked figure, searching for him amidst the busy streets of the holy world Jedha, and along the way, Vildar realizes there’s far more to the Force than what he’s spent his life learning. Continue reading Star Wars: The High Republic #2 Review

Damage Control #4 Review

Damage Control #4 Review: It’s been a tough first week for Gus at Damage Control. On Monday, he nearly caused a catastrophic Skrull attack. On Tuesday, he smushed a family who had been shrunk by Pym Particles, and on Wednesday, he turned himself into a monstrous guinea pig Kaiju. That’s why Gus has been banished down to research and development to assist Eugene Strausser. Check out the Damage Control #4 Review HERE! Continue reading Damage Control #4 Review

New Mutants #31 Review

New Mutants #31 Review – Escapade, the transgender mutant who debuted back in early Summer in Marvel Voices: Pride #1, begins her training and joins other mutant students in Krakoa in New Mutants #31. Escapade has to deal with the usual awful things that come with a new school: making friends, remembering where all your courses are located (was Algebra 101 near the volcano?), not looking like a klutz in front of the cool kids, battling a contingent of The U-Men…wait a minute, The U-Men are back? Geez, didn’t the X-Men hand those organ harvesting geeks a big “L” the last time they fought? Continue reading New Mutants #31 Review

Midnight Suns #2 Review

Midnight Suns #2 Review – Zoe Laveau was revealed to be the cause of a coming apocalypse last issue, when all the magic users on Earth had a shared vision of her destroying the world! With everyone gunning for her (either to hide her or destroy her), Agatha Harkness took Zoe to a safe magical realm. This issue, in Midnight Suns #2, Doctor Doom himself comes looking for her, and only the Midnight Suns (Wolverine, Spirit Rider, Magik, Nico Minoru and Blade the Vampire Hunter) stand in his way. Get ready for an all-battle, all-action issue! Continue reading Midnight Suns #2 Review

Star Wars #28 Review

Star Wars #28 Review – Star Wars #28 continues the adventures of Luke, Leia and the Rebellion in the time period between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”. Crimson Dawn agents Melton and Bevelyn, along with their children, are being hunted by the Empire, who’s desperate to annihilate them before they can tell the Rebellion about the Empire’s construction of a second Death Star. It’s up to Luke to go to Coruscant, into the heart of the Empire, and rescue Melton and Bevelyn before Imperial soldiers wipe them out. Continue reading Star Wars #28 Review

Star Wars #27 Review

Star Wars #27 Review – Last issue, set at an unspecified time before ‘Return of the Jedi’, two Imperial double agents working for Crimson Dawn (the criminal underworld organization) and stationed on the second Death Star (code named Second Sun), kill an Imperial Major and escape with their children, hoping to reach a Rebellion outpost with information on this new Death Star. Star Wars #27 continues their story, a harrowing tale of two agents trying to stay ahead of Imperial forces, that shows Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian weren’t the only heroes during the Age of Rebellion. Continue reading Star Wars #27 Review

Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #5 Review

Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #5 Review: Gwen has one last stop and it’s at the end of time to face the one who started it all, Finale! But if Gwen defeats Finale will her time be fixed? Check out the Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #5 Review

Star Wars #26 Review

Star Wars #26 Review – Previously, General Leia Organa delivered the final blow to the brilliant and ruthless Imperial Commander Zahra, giving the Rebellion their first victory since they were decimated on Hoth. In Star Wars #26, the Rebellion isn’t just sitting back and drinking Moogan tea, they’re pressing the attack, wanting the rest of the galaxy to know that they’re still very much alive and a serious threat to the Empire. Continue reading Star Wars #26 Review