Local Man #7 Review

Local Man #7 Review – “THE DRY SEASON,” Part Two – Local Man gets creative in his search for a murderer, as Inga prepares to bring the superhuman trade to Farmington. On the flip side…while Crossjack attends celebrity weddings and goes on dates with models, Inga is going to save Farmington, one person at a time. But how? Continue reading Local Man #7 Review

Howard The Duck #1 Review

Howard The Duck #1 Review: CELEBRATE HIS 50TH ANNIVERSARY IN THIS ALL-NEW ONE-SHOT! Meet Howard. He’s a hard-boiled P.I. with problems by the duckload. But a cosmic, all-seeing friend(?) known as the Peeper(!) is giving him a chance to see what his life COULD be! The joys he COULD have! All the ways his life COULD suck way less than it does now! In other words: “Whaugh If?” Continue reading Howard The Duck #1 Review

Captain America #3 Review

Captain America #3 Review: Misty Knight has uncovered a string of murders with seemingly supernatural origins – and Captain America’s been marked as the next target. Something about the crime scene strikes Steve as familiar…but can he find the connection between the murders and his past before this mysterious new threat finds him? Continue reading Captain America #3 Review

On The Way GN Review

On The Way GN Review – Emma, a newly single cartoonist in her thirties, impulsively finds herself standing in Roncesvalles with her gaze fixed on Santiago de Compostela. Following the pilgrimage route known as The Way of St. James, she realizes the path she is traveling is bringing her closer to and somehow farther away from everyone around her, that the weight of her backpack is more than the clothes and pans inside, and that what she believed to be a simple walk to get some miles behind her (and her past) is a chance to learn not only about the people she meets along the way, but also herself.
Creators Paco Hernández & José Ángel Ares bring you a story of friendship, family and learning. An emotional journey from which no one will return being the same. Continue reading On The Way GN Review

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 Review

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 Review: AFTER NEARLY FORTY YEARS, THE MYSTERIES OF THE SECRET WARS DEEPEN! Get ready for an ALL-NEW cataclysmic battle from when SPIDER-MAN first got his ALIEN COSTUME, when a mysterious being called the BEYONDER assembled super heroes and villains from Earth to do battle on a patchwork planet – yes, witness now an untold adventure set during the original SECRET WARS! MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS set the standard for Marvel Comics events (as well as action figures and the characters existing on the forefront of pop culture), and this new story will at last reveal some secret connections and MISSING CHARACTERS going back to the 1984 original series, just in time for its 40th Anniversary! What SECRET TEST are the BEYONDERS conducting…and how will SPIDER-MAN, the HUMAN TORCH and the whole cast determine the fate of the universe? (PLUS: Surprise super-villain appearances inside!) Continue reading Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 Review

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21 Review

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21 Review: Superman and Batman, having followed Boy Thunder to Kingdom Come, find themselves and that world on a path to an apocalyptic future. Can the World’s Finest team prevent the transformation of Boy Thunder into the villainous Magog, or is his fate sealed? Continue reading Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21 Review

Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. King Kong #2 Review

Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. King Kong #2 Review: Legendary’s Monsterverse has been unleashed on the DC Universe, and cities are threatened across the globe! From Metropolis to Gotham City to Themyscira, the Justice League scrambles to protect the citizens from these raging titans! What role has the Legion of Doom played in all this monster madness, and how will the tide of battle change…when a hero falls?! Continue reading Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. King Kong #2 Review

Justice Society of America #7 Review

Justice Society of America #7 Review: Reunions are cut short when the JSA and the Lost Children to face down a new threat! Can this group of heroes and sidekicks find their rhythm or will it be curtains for both. What happens here has massive ramifications for the next stage of THE NEW GOLDEN AGE! Continue reading Justice Society of America #7 Review

Batman: February 2024 DC Comic Solicitations

Batman: February 2024 DC Comic Solicitations – Take a look at all the Batman related titles hitting shelves this February 2024 and so much more by clicking HERE! Continue reading Batman: February 2024 DC Comic Solicitations

Capwolf & The Howling Commandos #2 Review

Capwolf & The Howling Commandos #2 Review: As the Howling Commandos struggle to decide the newly werewolfed Captain America’s fate, a miracle happens – and a new ally arrives. Meanwhile, their Nazi foes make a call that could change the tide of battle – and the fate of the world. Continue reading Capwolf & The Howling Commandos #2 Review

Green Lantern #5 Review

Green Lantern #5 Review: The Rage of Thaal Sinestro! Sinestro has seized control of Ferris Air! As the rage builds to cataclysmic levels within Hal Jordan’s most vicious adversary, the power of the Red Lantern ring has turned Sinestro’s wrath into a planetwide fury! Hal’s only hope? To break United Planets law and lure the villain out into the final frontier… Then, in “Rise of the Sinson: Part Two”, Sinson’s plan becomes clear: to claim his legacy, he must seek out his father…and face him in combat! The march toward Sinister Sons continues in this epic prequel installment! Continue reading Green Lantern #5 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #37 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #37 Review – GANG WAR: FIRST STRIKE! Rek-Rap returns! Spider-Man’s fun-house reflection might just be the thing to help the wall-crawler out of the darkness he can’t seem to shake. Well, Rek-Rap MIGHT help if he weren’t targeted by the scariest new Spidey-Villain in decades! GANG WAR IS COMING!
Rated T Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man #37 Review

Sheena Queen of the Jungle: Fatal Exams #3 Review

Sheena Queen of the Jungle: Fatal Exams #3 Review – What happens in Part Three of “Fatal Exams”? A better question might be: What doesn’t happen?!? As the mysterious villain “El Caballero” unleashes mercenaries into the jungle to kill Sheena, urban assassins target her friends Bob, Ransome, and Chano in Val Verde city… Colonel Pinto’s dreaded secret police arrest Sheena’s mentor Don Felipe as a terrorist… and at the exclusive finishing school to which Sheena has been exiled by her corrupt family, more and more students are falling under the sway of a mysterious cult – and the deadliest place of all may just be the school library! Continue reading Sheena Queen of the Jungle: Fatal Exams #3 Review

Firefly: The Fall Guys #3 Review

Firefly: The Fall Guys #3 Review – With an energy field securing the entire town, the crew of the Serenity will have a hell of a time escaping the feds.

The locals are divided on whose side they’ve chosen, which makes matters even worse as a member of the crew has left the others behind! Continue reading Firefly: The Fall Guys #3 Review