Daredevil #29 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz, and Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: April 14th, 2021


As Elektra steps further into the role of Daredevil, what other goings-on are brewing in Hell’s Kitchen? Also, has Matt managed to keep his mask on and keep under the radar during his prison stint?? Let’s dive into my favorite ongoing Marvel book and find out!

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Chip Zdarsky wastes no time in getting the story to a rip-roaring start in this extremely quick read. Matt, still in jail, and somehow still masked, runs into some somewhat cliched “prison” type adversary. He used his heightened senses and his recall of his training with Stick to give himself a so-called fighting chance.

In a secondary, but as equally important storyline, Elektra is training. Not only physical training but practical life training.

Her lessons are quickly taken to the streets, as it were, and we’re quickly taken to our third storyline. The streets of Hell’s Kitchen, and all that comes with the mob and mob-controlled stores. A potential coup is set into motion with ties that go back to earlier issues and an annual that are all notated perfectly with editor’s notes for readers that may have missed it.

Daredevil has been one of the most consistently good solo ongoing titles for Marvel for decades. I’m genuinely curious where Zdarsky’s run will stack up amongst the other great runs when it’s over. I for one hope it goes on for a LONG time!


The art continues to be a major factor in my overall enjoyment of this run. Marco Checchetto can pencil rain, puddles, drips of water like no other! The coloring by Marcio Menyz makes the rain seem gloomier, and a twilight scene more pleasant, and a cloudy night all the more ominous. All in the same issue! Colorists don’t get enough credit in my opinion but make a huge difference in the visual presentation.

We also continue to get some outstanding variant covers in this run. Here’s a couple by David Nakayama.

Final Thoughts:

This creative team continues to run like a well-oiled machine. It’s truly hard to find anything at all about this issue that just isn’t less than great! If you’re not reading this, do yourself a favor and pick it up and give it a try. You can thank me later.


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