Star Wars: Darth Vader #32 Review

Star Wars: Darth Vader #32 Review – HANDMAIDEN NO MORE? Few bonds in the galaxy are as strong as the sisterhood of the former handmaidens of Padm? Amidala. But all that was threatened when Sab? entered the service of Darth Vader, the man the handmaidens always believed was responsible for Padmé’s death. Now Dormé, Saché, Rabé and Eirtaé are determined to save Sabé – or stop her, no matter what. But the influence of the Dark Lord is strong and dangerous – and not just to Sabé. What path will the handmaidens choose? And how does all this play into Darth Vader’s true plans? Continue reading Star Wars: Darth Vader #32 Review

Mary Jane & Black Cat #4 Review

Mary Jane & Black Cat #4 Review – Mary Jane and Black Cat’s adventures through Limbo continue, they learn even more about the mysterious dimension and domain of Madelyne Pryor. But the Goblin Queen isn’t the only inhabitant of the deadly space between spaces – which is a lesson Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy are about to learn the hard way. Continue reading Mary Jane & Black Cat #4 Review

Rogue & Gambit #1 Review

Rogue & Gambit #1 Review – Krakoa is on a precipice. Destiny alone can see what’s coming – but the precog cannot act. For that, she’ll need her adoptive daughter, Rogue. Husbands need not apply! But with mutant duties stealing Rogue away so much these days, Gambit is determined to make the most of the mission and put some Cajun spice back into their increasingly complicated love affair. He just has to make it out of the bar first. Continue reading Rogue & Gambit #1 Review

Punisher War Journal: Base #1 Review

Punisher War Journal: Base #1 Review – “Scenes from a Marriage” meets “First Blood” in Punisher War Journal: Base #1, a one-shot that flashes back to Frank Castle’s life before he became The Punisher. He has returned home from war and is living the suburban life with his wife Maria, his two kids and the family dog. But this isn’t a blissful sitcom-style marriage, Frank and Maria are having problems, as Frank struggles to adjust to civilian life after years on the battlefield. See the origin of his war journal here. Also, why is Frank hearing screams coming from a nearby house? Screams that everyone else seems to ignore? Continue reading Punisher War Journal: Base #1 Review

Savage Avengers #10 Review

Savage Avengers #10 Review – Stranded in the unforgiving future, the Savage Avengers have survived every trial and tribulation that 2099 has to offer. But with Ultron now in possession of a time-traveling Doom gauntlet, can our heroes hope to stop the Machine Empire from conquering the timestream itself? Prepare for an epic showdown of blood and steel, as Marvel’s most dangerous heroes unite to save the world – or die trying! Continue reading Savage Avengers #10 Review

Star Wars #31 Review

Star Wars #31 Review: Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and an elite crew of Rebel heroes are lost in the farthest reaches of No-Space after a mission gone wrong. A desperate maneuver is their only chance to find a way home – but what will it cost them? Check out the Star Wars #31 Review HERE! Continue reading Star Wars #31 Review

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Review

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Review – Brielle Brooks (AKA Blade’s Daughter) deals with school, her mom and, of course, vampires in Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1. It’s a mediocre start to the series with a couple bright spots throughout that give hope for future issues. Continue reading Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Review

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 Review

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 Review: SAY IT AIN’T SO, SPIDEY! Spending some time in L.A., Spider-Man has discovered a mysterious and powerful relic that has awakened something that threatens to consume him! With his subconscious at a crossroads, will Spidey have what it takes to resist or will he be lost to a waking nightmare forever? Continue reading Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 Review

Savage Avengers #9 Review

In the year 2099, humanity has fallen against Ultron’s Machine Empire-and the Savage Avengers are the latest casualties! Now on the run from an army of super-powered cyborgs, Punisher 2099 and Deathlok must put aside their differences if they hope to stop Ultron from reshaping the future into his own terrifying image. Can the Savage Avengers regain some sliver of humanity before it’s too late, or will Marvel’s most dangerous heroes become the deadliest predators of tomorrow? Plus: the last stand of Doom 2099! Continue reading Savage Avengers #9 Review

Joe Fixit #1 Review

Joe Fixit #1 Review – Peter David’s tour de force through some of his greatest Hulk hits continues with a return to JOE FIXIT! Gone are the ripped-up shorts of the Hulk of yore – this enforcer prefers the slick suave of a striped suit, and the Hulk has traded in “monster” for “mobster” as he lends his strength to the Las Vegas casino scene. Check out the Joe Fixit #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Joe Fixit #1 Review

Scarlet Witch #1 Review

Scarlet Witch #1 Review – There is a door that appears only to those who need it most, who have no one else in the world to turn to. On the other side of this door is the witchcraft shop. Friend or foe, human or otherwise – if your need is great and your hope is gone, there you will meet the SCARLET WITCH! Check out the Scarlet Witch #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Scarlet Witch #1 Review

Savage Avengers #8 Review

Savage Avengers #8 Review – In the year 2099, Ultron has subjugated the future with Deathlok technology. Yet nowhere is resistance fiercer than the shattered kingdom of Latveria, as DOOM 2099 and his ramshackle army of Doombots wage endless war against the Machine Empire! With 2099’s most powerful champion on their side, can Jake Gallows and the Savage Avengers find salvation within the rubble of Tiger Wylde’s fortress? Or will our heroes finally fall before Ultron’s irresistible might? Don’t miss the shocking twist that will leave Marvel fans on the edge of their seats! Continue reading Savage Avengers #8 Review

New Mutants #31 Review

New Mutants #31 Review – Escapade, the transgender mutant who debuted back in early Summer in Marvel Voices: Pride #1, begins her training and joins other mutant students in Krakoa in New Mutants #31. Escapade has to deal with the usual awful things that come with a new school: making friends, remembering where all your courses are located (was Algebra 101 near the volcano?), not looking like a klutz in front of the cool kids, battling a contingent of The U-Men…wait a minute, The U-Men are back? Geez, didn’t the X-Men hand those organ harvesting geeks a big “L” the last time they fought? Continue reading New Mutants #31 Review

Midnight Suns #2 Review

Midnight Suns #2 Review – Zoe Laveau was revealed to be the cause of a coming apocalypse last issue, when all the magic users on Earth had a shared vision of her destroying the world! With everyone gunning for her (either to hide her or destroy her), Agatha Harkness took Zoe to a safe magical realm. This issue, in Midnight Suns #2, Doctor Doom himself comes looking for her, and only the Midnight Suns (Wolverine, Spirit Rider, Magik, Nico Minoru and Blade the Vampire Hunter) stand in his way. Get ready for an all-battle, all-action issue! Continue reading Midnight Suns #2 Review

Star Wars #28 Review

Star Wars #28 Review – Star Wars #28 continues the adventures of Luke, Leia and the Rebellion in the time period between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”. Crimson Dawn agents Melton and Bevelyn, along with their children, are being hunted by the Empire, who’s desperate to annihilate them before they can tell the Rebellion about the Empire’s construction of a second Death Star. It’s up to Luke to go to Coruscant, into the heart of the Empire, and rescue Melton and Bevelyn before Imperial soldiers wipe them out. Continue reading Star Wars #28 Review

Gambit #2 Review

GAMBIT AND ‘RO – ON THE LAM AND OFF THE RAILS! ‘RO is the mutant X-Man Storm, reverted to childhood and trying to retain use of her powers while fighting to find her memories. GAMBIT is the free spirit Remy LeBeau, not yet an X-Man and making his way up and down the Mississippi. What do they have in common? They’re mutants, they’re thieves, and they’re having a blast! Continue reading Gambit #2 Review

Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #5 Review

Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #5 Review: Gwen has one last stop and it’s at the end of time to face the one who started it all, Finale! But if Gwen defeats Finale will her time be fixed? Check out the Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #5 Review

X-Men Legends #1 Review

X-Men Legends #1 Review- Who’s in ready for an “in continuity” story that takes place before Giant Size X-men? Add to the mix the return of long time X-men scribe, Roy Thomas and I’m all in! Let’s jump into this new ongoing series aptly titled X-men Legends and jump all the way back to the events that happen immediately after the Incredible Hulk #181 and see what our favorite puny, little mutant is up to! Check out my X-men Legends Review here! Continue reading X-Men Legends #1 Review