Secret Wars #5 Review (2015)

After last issues epic finale, will God-Doom find our heroes and villains that survived from the old reality? And, did Doctor Strange actually die by the hands of his God? This and so much more in this week’s all-new SECRET WARS #5 by the great Jonathan Hickman. Let’s jump in and see what’s cookin’! Continue reading Secret Wars #5 Review (2015)

Amazing Spider-Man #30 Review

It’s Spider-Man vs. the Green Goblin…!

…or Red Goblin…or Carnage, if he prefers.

Whatever the name, Norman Osborn wants to kill Spidey. No Venom, no Dark Carnage, who cares about Codices, or Codexes…its pure, old-fashion PETER VS. NORMAN! Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man #30 Review


When Warlock experiences a nightmare, he begins going haywire, and it’s up to his friends to save him in this week’s NEW MUTANTS WAR CHILDREN #1 by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz. But as Warlock grows more delirious, these New Mutants should actually worry about saving themselves. Let’s jump into this comic to see some of our favorites like Magik, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Cypher, and Mirage fight through this never told story from Claremont and Sienkiewicz. Continue reading NEW MUTANTS WAR CHILDREN #1 Review


The Siege of Avengers Mansion is over, and the Avengers are battered and stunned in this week’s all-new classic tale from writer Roger Stern and INFINITY WAR’S artist Ron Lim. It’s the worst time of all for Loki to discover a new source of mystic energies – one that connects to another particular villain and one that will have horrible consequences for all of reality. Let’s jump into AVENGERS LOKI UNLEASHED #1 to see who will remain standing by the end of this issue! Continue reading AVENGERS LOKI UNLEASHED #1 Review

POWERS OF X #5 Review

After last week’s HOUSE OF X #5, readers witness the “Resurrection Machine” bring back our X-heroes that daringly died stopping Mother Mold in space. However, this resurrection process is no mere machine; it’s five mutants working in conjunction with Charles Xavier/Cerebro to clone and recreate any mutant that perishes. Moreover, the Professor has built an alliance with some of the most ruthless adversaries the X-world has ever seen. This can’t be good! Nevertheless, the mutants are attempting diplomacy, Xavier’s Krakoan cult begins to blossom, and deals are made with demons from the past. But, how will these choices NOW impact the future? Let’s find out in this week’s all-new POWERS OF X # 5 by Jonathan Hickman. Continue reading POWERS OF X #5 Review

Secret Wars #4 Review (2015)

Was God once a man? You know… before being God. Like the last issue, this reviewer brought up the parallel to the creation story in the Bible to Jonathan Hickman’s SECRET WARS and noticed a few similarities. However, the Bible only speaks of the creation of “our” universe. So, and this critic poses the question, was God once a man? Let’s dive into SECRET WARS #4 by Jonathan Hickman and explore what comes out on the other side! Continue reading Secret Wars #4 Review (2015)