Captain America #3 Review

Captain America #3 Review: Misty Knight has uncovered a string of murders with seemingly supernatural origins – and Captain America’s been marked as the next target. Something about the crime scene strikes Steve as familiar…but can he find the connection between the murders and his past before this mysterious new threat finds him? Continue reading Captain America #3 Review

Incredible Hulk (2023) #6 Review

ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIE GHOST RIDER! Charlie reminds Bruce that he’s more than a man on the run – he’s an Avenger, a hero. And heroes help people. When their travels lead them to a Texas town under attack by dreaded monstrosities known as war devils, it’s time for the Hulk to step in… …but he rouses an undead Spirit of Vengeance from his eternal slumber, summoning a 100-year-old Ghost Rider to ride down the Hulk! Continue reading Incredible Hulk (2023) #6 Review

Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #2 Review

Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #2 Review – Peter Parker finds himself in the most terrifying haunted house possible. Who took Peter’s powers? Who took Peter’s friends and family? Who stands the best chance at taking Spider-Man down PERMANENTLY?!
Rated T Continue reading Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #2 Review

Fantastic Four #13 Review

Two universes, human and dinosaur, are colliding – and if one universe isn’t sacrificed, then both will be destroyed! And making matters worse, an incursion point between universes has swapped the dinosaur and human versions of the Fantastic Four! But there is another incursion point elsewhere…in Latveria. And Doctor Doom has plans of his own – after teaming up with the only person in the universe he can trust…himself! The FF and the Avengers are brought to their knees, and only the Brothers Grimm can save the day! Plus: The dinosaur Fantastic Four versus the Avengers! Continue reading Fantastic Four #13 Review

Superior Spider-Man #1 Review

Superior Spider-Man #1 Review – A Superior Reckoning! SPIDER-MAN faces a NEW VILLAIN from his SUPERIOR past. As she fries New York with all the power of a living star, DOC OCK makes a life-changing discovery! MARK BAGLEY and DAN SLOTT continue their Spider-Man run with this 10th-ANNIVERSARY celebration of everything that made Spider-Man Superior.
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Deadpool: Seven Slaughters #1 Preview

Deadpool: Seven Slaughters #1 Preview: Seven kills in seven days! Welcome to a week in the life of Wade Wilson, the best mercenary Marvel’s ever had (just ask him)! From facing off with rival killers to top secret assassinations, DEADPOOL has a lot of work to do in this blood-soaked oversized issue full of fan-favorite creators past and future! Continue reading Deadpool: Seven Slaughters #1 Preview

Star Wars: Darth Vader #40 Review

SCOURGE OF CORUSCANT! – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN! What greater prize could the DROID SCOURGE imagine than CORUSCANT, an ecumenopolis filled with millions of droids? And what greater TERROR could the people of Coruscant imagine than a horde of scourged droids… …led by LORD VADER himself? Continue reading Star Wars: Darth Vader #40 Review

Punisher #1 Review

Punisher #1 Review: Is this the return of Frank Castle – or the start of something else? Frank Castle has disappeared, but evil will always need to be punished. With all-new threats rising to claim innocent victims, criminals will need to beware of a dangerous vigilante hunting them from the shadows. Who is the new Punisher? What put him on his path of vengeance? And when the smoke clears, will he even make it out alive? Continue reading Punisher #1 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #37 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #37 Review – GANG WAR: FIRST STRIKE! Rek-Rap returns! Spider-Man’s fun-house reflection might just be the thing to help the wall-crawler out of the darkness he can’t seem to shake. Well, Rek-Rap MIGHT help if he weren’t targeted by the scariest new Spidey-Villain in decades! GANG WAR IS COMING!
Rated T Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man #37 Review

Spider-Boy #1 Review

Spider-Boy #1 Review – SECRETS OF SPIDER-BOY REVEALED! Spinning out of the pages of DAN SLOTT and MARK BAGLEY’s monumental SPIDER-MAN run-here comes the spectacular SPIDER-BOY!
After the events of THE END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE, Spider-Boy’s secret history as Spider-Man’s sidekick was nearly forgotten forever. But now those mysteries will be revealed while they embark on exciting new adventures…TOGETHER!
Rated T Continue reading Spider-Boy #1 Review

White Widow #1 Review

White Widow #1 Review – Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s sister and a master assassin, starts a new life in the small town of Idylhaven in White Widow #1. As she tries to find the perfect coffee shop and get information on her neighbors, she comes into conflict with not only her mentee (the deadly Marthe) but with a new organization called Armament, who are trying to take over most of the businesses in Idylhaven for some hidden purpose, even as they keep watch on Yelena. Continue reading White Widow #1 Review

Scarlet Witch #10 Review

Scarlet Witch #10 Review – When chaos magic meets alchemical might, it’s all Wanda can do to keep her town – and her friends – from getting caught in the crossfire. Hexfinder has sworn vengeance on all witches and won’t stop until Wanda is a trophy on her wall. Wanda is one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe – but can she stand against someone who’s trained her whole life to eradicate magic? Continue reading Scarlet Witch #10 Review

Immortal Thor #3 Review

THOR IN THE WILDERNESS! As Toranos hunted him across the stars, the Odinson found himself trapped – marooned in a puzzle the size of a planet. In this place, the All-Father’s crown – and even his own godly strength – availed him nothing. What power, then, would save him? This is the story of THE IMMORTAL THOR…and the time of the Trickster’s Test. Continue reading Immortal Thor #3 Review

Captain America #2 Review

Captain America #2 Review: When Spider-Man interrupts date night to ask for help taking down the Sinister Six’s latest plot, Captain America begrudgingly obliges. Meanwhile, more and more of Steve’s former enemies are being recruited by a mysterious new threat – one seemingly connected to an enemy Steve faced long before he picked up the shield… Continue reading Captain America #2 Review

Captain Marvel #1 Review

Captain Marvel #1 Review – Captain Marvel’s back in New York, rocking a new costume and a new attitude in Captain Marvel #1. And just in time too, because a new villain named The Omen comes calling, with power draining abilities that would put Rogue to shame, and Carol is her #1 target! Also, there’s a wild trip to The Negative Zone! Tragedy strikes Genis-Vell! And who’s the mysterious cat burglar Yuna Yang? Continue reading Captain Marvel #1 Review