Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4 Review

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4 Review: The hunt continues as Bruce Wayne searches for the most dangerous offspring in Neo-Gotham, the daughter of The Joker! Little does he know the new Batman is right behind him, waiting for just the right moment to strike and put an end to the older generation of heroes in the city. Check out the Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4 Review HERE! Continue reading Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4 Review

Thor: Lightning and Lament #1 Review

Thor: Lightning and Lament #1 Review: he Mighty Thor has abandoned Asgard in her greatest hour of need, leaving the Realm Eternal in the hands of his half brother Loki, in the absence of its rightful ruler, Odin. With Asgard under assault by legions of trolls, and the Lady Sif hovering near death due to a possibly fatal wound suffered in battle, can anyone save the Golden City from annihilation? Check out the Thor: Lightning and Lament #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Thor: Lightning and Lament #1 Review

Action Comics #1044 Review

The Warworld Revolution is here! With the Genesis Stone feeding Kal-El a portion of his long-dormant powers, the quest to overthrow Mongul’s tyrannical rule is well under way…but can Superman convince the war-torn combatants of this hellish nightmare planet that kindness can best cruelty? All this, plus Midnighter stabs some fools who had it coming! Then, in “A World Without Clark Kent,” Lois, Jon, and John Henry Irons (a.k.a. Steel) convene to unlock the secrets of the mysterious Genesis tech…and Thao-La awakens… Continue reading Action Comics #1044 Review

Batman: Fortress #2 Review

Batman: Fortress #2 Review- Batman and the Justice League are working desperately to save innocent lives after the arrival of a mysterious alien ship that has destabilized the entire planet. After all attempts to communicate with the unknown invaders fail, they’re left with no alternative but to fight! Continue reading Batman: Fortress #2 Review

Swamp Thing #14 Review

Swamp Thing #14 Review – The Earth fights back! In Swamp Thing #14, the Earth, having had enough of mankind’s damage with machinery, smog, drilling, etc., has brought thousands of huge spore-like ships to surround the planet and start attacking man’s infrastructures. Levi Kamei (the current Swamp Thing) and Green Lantern Hal Jordan are all that stand between the alien ships and mankind. Continue reading Swamp Thing #14 Review

Earth-Prime #6: Hero’s Twilight Review

Earth-Prime #6: Hero’s Twilight Review – A threat has been amassing forces from across time and universes. Their plan is to finally free humanity from their dependency on these so-called heroes. Instead, this being will bring the hero community to its knees, and finally help society reach its true potential. The Age of Heroes is over. Check out the Earth-Prime #6: Hero’s Twilight Review HERE! Continue reading Earth-Prime #6: Hero’s Twilight Review

Catwoman #44 Review

Catwoman #44 Review- Harley Quinn and Catwoman get their gals’ out-of-town trip at the roller derby crashed when some mysterious creep runs them off the road…and then follows them around at the derby! But this is Catwoman and Harley Quinn—you stalk them, and you’ll pay for it…maybe with a limb or two. Check out the Catwoman #44 Review HERE! Continue reading Catwoman #44 Review

New Fantastic Four #1 Review

New Fantastic Four #1 Review: When these unlikely heroes first banded together to become the NEW FANTASTIC FOUR, they made Marvel history. Now this fan-favorite team returns in an all-new adventure written by Peter David! Set shortly after the events of the group’s first appearance, brace yourself for a wild ride and guest stars aplenty — including the original FF. Plus, a series of mystery villains that you’ll never see coming! Check out the New Fantastic Four #1 Review HERE! Continue reading New Fantastic Four #1 Review

New Mutants #26 Review

New Mutants #26 Review – New Mutants #26 continues last issue’s cataclysmic events, as Magik, Madelyne Pryor, Dani Moonstar and Wolfsbane are trapped in Limbo, Magik’s Soulsword has been shattered, and an army of techno-demons are on the verge of attack.  And that’s the least of their problems! Continue reading New Mutants #26 Review

Maestro: World War M #4 Review

Maestro: World War M #4 Review – A gigantic enemy has Maestro running for cover as he scrambles for a way to win this fight. But as the changing tides sow discord amongst his enemies, the answer may be right in front of him — as long as no one interferes… It’s all leading to next month’s epic finale! Check out the Maestro: World War M #4 Review HERE! Continue reading Maestro: World War M #4 Review

The Flash #783 Review

The Flash #783 Review – A Dark Crisis tie-in: the search for Barry Allen! With the Justice League gone, Wally gathers the entire Flash Family in a desperate attempt to search the Speed Force and finally locate the missing Barry Allen. But does Barry want to be found? This three-issue story ties directly into this summer’s event. Dark Crisis continues here! Check out The Flash #783 Review HERE! Continue reading The Flash #783 Review

Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong #1 Review

Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong #1 Review
– Their mission: to drain the Earth of all its kinetic energy and leave it a lifeless husk. They never expected anyone could escape their song—but the Flash was in the Speed Force when they struck, and Aquaman was in the deepest ravine far below the ocean’s floor. Check out the Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong #1 Review

Black Adam #1 Review

Black Adam #1 Review – Haunted by the specter of centuries of dark deeds, Black Adam transfers his powers to a worthy successor who will redeem Adam’s legacy and defend their ancestral homeland of Kahndaq, only to subsequently become mystically “handcuffed” to him when Adam’s plague is arrested, giving birth to perhaps the most volatile and dysfunctional super-team in DC history! Check out the Black Adam #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Black Adam #1 Review