Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #5 Review

Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #5 Review – A thousand years in the future, green-skinned Haarg, like Tala and her brother Balo, are reviled and persecuted on Planet Sakaar. So when Balo was kidnapped by an evil priestess, Tala enlisted the help of her Grandpa Cho, the Jen, and Korg of Krona to break him free. But as the priestess reveals her true endgame, only the power of Banner, the Green Scar himself, can stop her. But is that just part of the priestess’ plan? Our story of prophecy, damnation and redemption comes to a shattering conclusion! Check out the Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #5 Review

Invincible Iron Man #4 Review

Invincible Iron Man #4 Review – Tony Stark has met his dark counterpart, and his name is Feilong! This mutant-hating industrialist is the new owner of Stark Unlimited, and that includes all of Tony’s tech! Can a furious Tony keep his cool, or will vengeance get the better of him? Check out the Invincible Iron Man #4 Review HERE! Continue reading Invincible Iron Man #4 Review

Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #2 Review

Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #2 Review – TWO CAPTAINS – ONE COUNTRY – AND ONE HELL OF A FIGHT! Britain has a new champion – but don’t be mistaken, she’s been here for years. Morgan Le Fay is back for vengeance, and Captain Britain is first on her list! But where one captain fails, another may suffice… and Peggy Carter’s got a right hook that would inspire the devil herself. Magical machinations and feral fisticuffs abound in Tini Howard and Vasco Georgiev’s continuing epic! Continue reading Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #2 Review

Hellboy In Love #4 Review

Hellboy In Love #4 Review – Hellboy and Anastasia find out more about the history of Turkish shadow puppetry than they intended. After their clash with the malevolent shadows of puppet show characters Karagöz and Hacivat, the pair soon find themselves with more than shadow puppets to reckon with! But any possible way out must first lead deeper into the shadows . . . Continue reading Hellboy In Love #4 Review

Punchline: The Gotham Game #6 Review

Punchline: The Gotham Game #6 Review – Punchline: The Gotham Game #6 is the final issue of the miniseries and everything is resolved here! The Joker and Punchline are reunited, but Punchline has no time for his antics, because there’s a war going on in Gotham City, a four-way conflict between The Royal Flush Gang, Punchline, Batman (and Bluebird) and Black Mask and his gang, and nobody’s getting out of it unscathed. Continue reading Punchline: The Gotham Game #6 Review

Gotham City: Year One #6 Review

Gotham City: Year One #6 Review – The brutal, bloody conclusion to the year’s most acclaimed title is here. Slam Bradley has never feared walking the hard path alone, but even his courage will be tested by the shocking turn of events that will take Gotham City down a dark, violent path. Check out the Gotham City: Year One #6 Review HERE! Continue reading Gotham City: Year One #6 Review

Stargirl: The Lost Children #5 Review

Stargirl: The Lost Children #5 Review – The battle for the fate of the Lost Children has begun as Stargirl leads a raid on the Childminder’s castle! But who has been asking the Childminder to round up these kids, and for what purpose? The buyer has arrived, and Stargirl is not ready for him! Check out the Stargirl: The Lost Children #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Stargirl: The Lost Children #5 Review

Harley Quinn #28 Review

Harley Quinn #28 Review – It’s Harley vs. Harvey! Harley continues fighting for Gotham City instead of against it as she guns for Harvey Dent (AKA Two-Face) in Harley Quinn #28, foiling his latest crime. It starts a vendetta, with Two-Face retaliating against her with everything he’s got. But that’s only half of the story (no pun intended), because the most unexpected character pops up at the end with HUGE ramifications for Harley! If you haven’t been picking up this book, start with this issue and get on the ground floor of a fascinating new direction for Harley. Continue reading Harley Quinn #28 Review

Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1 Review

Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1 Review – For centuries Ra’s al Ghul has wanted to save the Earth from the worst of humankind, and for centuries he has failed. Recently his greatest obstacle has been the Dark Knight Detective, Batman. Ra’s offered Batman a chance to be a part of his new world order, but Batman refused. For years their cold war has raged, but Ra’s will have no more. Ra’s will remove Batman from the equation and save the world, re-creating it in his image and bringing the peace and prosperity all the good-hearted souls of this Earth deserve. Don’t miss this epic tragedy from the all-star creative team of Tom Taylor (Nightwing, Superman: Son of Kal-El, DCeased) and Ivan Reis (Detective Comics, Blackest Night): the last of the One Bad Day specials, and one of the most epic to date. Check out the Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1 Review

The Neighbors #1 Review

The Neighbors #1 Review – Have you ever moved to a new town or city? Remember how strange and awkward it felt being in a new place you were unfamiliar with, where you didn’t know anybody? Well, prepare to feel that way again, because The Neighbors #1 kicks off a new 5-issue horror miniseries filled with dread and atmosphere, where a family moves to a new town and find their neighbors to be incredibly creepy and possibly homicidal also. Continue reading The Neighbors #1 Review

Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #2 Review

Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #2 Review: 100 years from now, the Empire of the Red Diamond battles the Cosmic Coalition to decide the fate of a universe. One is the twisted creation of Nathaniel Essex. So is the other one. But between the two… there are rebels. Ororo lives, and her Brotherhood fights on – in an epic space battle that means life or death for everything that exists! Check out the Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #2 Review HERE! Continue reading Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #2 Review

Doctor Strange #1 Review

Doctor Strange #1 Review – Stephen Strange is back! Reunited with Clea and Wong, it’s back to business as usual for the Sorcerer Supreme. Have your children fallen into a deep nightmarish slumber? Are demonic refugees invading your home? Is your husband possessed by a satanic entity? Then call Doctor Strange! Join Jed MacKay (MOON KNIGHT, BLACK CAT) and Pasqual Ferry (NAMOR: CONQUERED SHORES, SPIDER-MAN: SPIDER’S SHADOW, THOR) as they begin a new chapter in the life of the Master of the Mystic Arts! Continue reading Doctor Strange #1 Review