X-Force #36 Review

X-Force #36 Review: THE MAN WITH THE PEACOCK TATTOO has had his sights on X-Force for some time, and when DOMINO, DEADPOOL and OMEGA RED embark on a mission, they will fall right into his clutches! Be here for the first issue of the XENO saga finale, as the team closes in on the Man with the Peacock Tattoo, and the full breadth of his plans are finally revealed! Check out the X-Force #36 Review HERE! Continue reading X-Force #36 Review

X-Men Annual #1 Review

X-Men Annual #1 Review: In a surprising turn of events, Firestar, who had not yet fully embraced Krakoa, was elected to the X-Men at the Hellfire Gala. Her history with her mutant nature is a tumultuous one for many reasons…but her record as a hero is exemplary. Can she wrestle with her past in time to rise to the occasion thrust upon her? Check out the X-Men Annual #1 Review HERE! Continue reading X-Men Annual #1 Review

Wolverine #28 Review

Wolverine #28 Review: The Pit of Exile on Krakoa is the ultimate punishment for mutants who break the laws of mutantdom — and WOLVERINE’s just cursed himself to its depths!  But what is really at stake, and what does KRAKOA itself know that BEAST does not about Logan’s SECRET MISSIONS? Check out the Wolverine #28 Review HERE! Continue reading Wolverine #28 Review

Punisher #8 Review

Punisher #8 Review: Frank Castle wants to end his war once and for all. But the God of War has other ideas. And now Ares is coming for the Punisher, with an army of heavily armed Apostles at his back, looking to turn Frank back into his old self by murdering his family all over again. Check out the Punisher #8 Review HERE! Continue reading Punisher #8 Review

Avengers #63 Review

Avengers Assemble — Part Two: The Battle Of 1,000,000 BC! The Avengers saga years in the making. At long last, the Avengers stand face-to-face with their prehistoric counterparts, the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC! But if the two groups cannot work together, they have no hope of defeating Doom Supreme and his marauding band of Multiversal Masters of Evil, who have come to erase all of Marvel history as we know it.. Continue reading Avengers #63 Review

Damage Control #4 Review

Damage Control #4 Review: It’s been a tough first week for Gus at Damage Control. On Monday, he nearly caused a catastrophic Skrull attack. On Tuesday, he smushed a family who had been shrunk by Pym Particles, and on Wednesday, he turned himself into a monstrous guinea pig Kaiju. That’s why Gus has been banished down to research and development to assist Eugene Strausser. Check out the Damage Control #4 Review HERE! Continue reading Damage Control #4 Review

X-Men #16 Review

X-Men #16 Review: Forge has a secret mission that he’s been working on for the Quiet Council for some time. Now that he’s been elected to be one of the X-Men – the world’s greatest heroes – it’s time to put it into action…even if it does break some of the laws of Krakoa. Check out the X-Men #16 Review HERE! Continue reading X-Men #16 Review

Wolverine #25 Review

Wolverine #25 Review: A desperate race to the top of the world forces WOLVERINE to team-up with SOLEM!  But will the HAND’S HELLBRIDE bring them to an untimely end, or will the CELESTIAL doom the unlikely team-up?  PLUS: BAR BRAWL!  A rough and tumble 25th issue celebratory story with an array of artists ready to unleash some adamantium-laced action! Check out the Wolverine #25 Review HERE! Continue reading Wolverine #25 Review

Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 Review

Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 Review: Every assassin sent to kill Frank fails. The leaders of the underworld – crime bosses, heads of terrorist organizations, and even a corrupt government or two come together to solve the growing problem of Frank Castle. Sharing intel, resources, and money, a collective underworld puts out a contract to kill Frank – eligible for anyone: assassins, mercenaries or smalltown crooks. Check out the Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 Review