Thor #30 Review

Thor #30 Review – Torunn Grønbekk and Nic Klein continue their journey into mysterious waters! After chasing Corvus Glaive – the kidnapper of Thor’s baby sister – into a vault that requires the blood of a god to open, Thor and Rúna find themselves face-to-face with King Bor himself! And…Thanos? What dark, bloody secrets of Asgard’s past lie in this twisting, cryptic story…and what will it reveal about the future of the entire Marvel Universe? Continue reading Thor #30 Review

Hulk #11 Review

Hulk #11 Review- Ryan Ottley both draws AND writes this action-packed page-turner that finds Hulk playing this planet’s favorite sport – the planet-busting GOD BALL! Now that Hulk finds himself at the center of a civilization that worships him, these other Hulks are more than eager to prove their might to their god…even if that means destroying him when the game turns lethal. Check out the Hulk #11 Review HERE! Continue reading Hulk #11 Review

Alien #5 Review

Alien #5 Review – he ship the humans stole from the Steel Team has crashed, and from the fiery wreckage emerged a swarm of Xenos led by the monstrous Hybrid! The few remaining humans fled back to their base in a futile attempt to escape slaughter. Meanwhile, with their numbers quickly dwindling, the Steel Team must make difficult decisions that could result in the possible success, or utter failure, of this disaster mission. Check out the Alien #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Alien #5 Review

Carnage #9 Review

Carnage #9 Review – The Carnage symbiote painfully and viciously extracted what it wanted out of Malekith the Accursed – but godhood remains just out of its reach. Wracked with an insatiable lust and longing for power since its communion with Knull, the symbiote is missing only one thing to level untold destruction across the universe: a weapon. Continue reading Carnage #9 Review

Fantastic Four #3 Review

The Human Torch is alone in New York, trying to survive in a city that hates and fears — well, mostly him specifically. There’s just one thing for Johnny to do: Adopt an all-new secret identity and take an all-new job nobody else wants! But when things at work heat up, Johnny discovers that while you can forget the past, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay buried…and has to decide if there’re certain things that the Human Torch can’t let himself do! Also! In this issue, Johnny Storm fights a tornado! Continue reading Fantastic Four #3 Review

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 Review

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 Review – Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 continues the deep dive into Gnosticism, as Doctor Strange becomes involved in delivering the goddess Sophia’s baby in two different planes of reality, even as he’s embroiled in an attempt to remove the god Bythos from The Body Machine in the ancient city of Sanc Nistos. Are you lost yet? If you’ve ever wanted to know what an acid trip is like without actually taking acid, then dive into this book! Continue reading Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 Review

Alien #4 Review

Betrayal is the heart of every end! Steel Team’s human allies have led them into an ambush, leaving them for dead in the nest of a vicious Xenomorph Queen. As Steel Team suffers their first casualties, Eli’s trust in Freyja is tested like never before. Meanwhile, the humans suffer the consequences of their betrayal as a new kind of monster awakens inside one of their own. Continue reading Alien #4 Review

Alien #3 Review

The devil you know…While searching the Xenomorph-infested Tobler-9 for an alien sample that can save humanity, “Steel Team,” the mythical Synthetic Special Operations team, has made a shocking discovery: a colony of humans who have managed to survive there for decades. With only their mutual mistrust in common, the humans and synths strike an uneasy bargain: the alien sample in exchange for Steel Team’s help in clearing a subterranean Xenomorph nest. But while the humans have had to sacrifice some of their humanity to survive, Steel Team learns that the ICARUS alien strain has taken on some disturbingly HUMAN tendencies… Continue reading Alien #3 Review

Thor #29 Review

The Legacy of Thanos – part one! Nic Klein returns with guest writer Torunn Grønbekk (Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor, Punisher: War Journal) for a Valkyrie-filled adventure! When a universally loathed foe kidnaps Thor’s baby sister Laussa and drags her so deep beyond Hel that not even Sif’s All-Sight can see her, the God of Thunder must call upon the one ally who has traveled so far into the unknown before: Rúna. But what dark secrets of Asgard’s bloody past lay beneath the frozen waters? Continue reading Thor #29 Review

Thanos: Death Notes #1 Review

Spinning out of Donny Cates & Nic Klein’s THOR comes an all-new Thanos one-shot featuring art by Andrea Di Vito and Travel Foreman, as well as Ron Lim’s return to the Mad Titan! Thanos is missing, presumed dead. But Thor has seen a vision of his return. And it is enough to make even a God fear. To prepare himself, to prepare the universe, Thor desperately searches for answers in Thanos’ past…and finds a glimpse of the Marvel Universe’s dark future. Continue reading Thanos: Death Notes #1 Review

Avengers Assemble: Alpha #1 Review

Uniting The Avengers, Avengers Forever and Avengers OF 1,000,000 BC in an epic saga that forms the capstone to Jason Aaron’s era on Avengers! From throughout time and the far corners of the Multiverse, the Mightiest Heroes of All the Earths are assembling as never before for a battle beyond all imaging. A war that will take us from the prehistoric beginnings of an Earth under assault by the greatest villains who’ve ever lived to the watchtower that stands at the dark heart of the all and the always, where an army of unprecedented evil now rises. The biggest Avengers saga in Marvel history begins now. Continue reading Avengers Assemble: Alpha #1 Review

Star Wars Revelations #1 Review

Star Wars Revelations #1 Review – Star Wars Revelations #1 is a good jumping-on point for new readers, as it kickstarts the next year by introducing a few major plots and subplots, checking in with the characters from each of the current Star Wars books and setting up new storylines for each of them. What is the Spark Eternal and how has it changed Doctor Aphra? What’s the artifact that the Emperor fears and Vader has to find? What strange visions of the future does Vader see on Mustafar? And what ancient menace from the High Republic era do Luke, Leia, Chewie and Lando discover on a distant world? Continue reading Star Wars Revelations #1 Review

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 Review

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 Review – Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 continues the story of Lady Qi’ra and her criminal empire Crimson Dawn, operating during the Age of Rebellion. She continues her vendetta against Darth Sidious (AKA the Emperor), determined to destroy him using his own mastery of the Dark Side of the Force against him, with the help of the Knights of Ren and Madelin Sun, Qi’ra’s right-hand, who’s force sensitive and well-versed in ancient Jedi relics. It’s a thrilling first issue with a harrowing space battle, a standoff with the Emperor and a desperate gambit with an ancient artifact imbued with Dark Side Force energy. Continue reading Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 Review

A.X.E.: Judgment Day Omega #1 Review

A.X.E.: Judgment Day Omega #1 Review: After events, we make promises. “Nothing will ever be the same again.” For the Eternals, it’s a lie. It’s always the same and always will be. However, in the wake of Judgment Day, they discover what is truly Eternal… Check out the A.X.E.: Judgment Day Omega #1 Review HERE! Continue reading A.X.E.: Judgment Day Omega #1 Review

Star Wars: The High Republic #2 Review

Star Wars: The High Republic #2 Review – Last issue, a mystery figure used the dark side to stop Jedi Knight Vildar Mac’s heart, leaving him temporarily dead. This issue, in Star Wars: The High Republic #2, Vildar and Padawan Matty Cathley go in pursuit of the mysterious cloaked figure, searching for him amidst the busy streets of the holy world Jedha, and along the way, Vildar realizes there’s far more to the Force than what he’s spent his life learning. Continue reading Star Wars: The High Republic #2 Review