Avengers Mech Strike #5 Review

Writer: Jed MacKay Artist: Carlos Magno Color Artist: Guru-eFX Cover Artists: Kei Zama & Guru-eFX Publisher: Marvel Comics Reviewer: StoryBabbler This is where it all ends – the Avengers vs. King The conqueror! Kang had invaded the Earth with ferocious, biomechanical, giant monsters and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes responded by using newly built mech suits. They lost one of their own in Black Panther and even … Continue reading Avengers Mech Strike #5 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #16 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #16 Review: he entire galaxy is under attack from a powerful force, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Annihilus first waged war. Someone out there has awakened with a new vision for the universe and they have the army to make it a reality. Check out the Guardians of the Galaxy #16 Review HERE! Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy #16 Review

Moon Knight #1 Review

Moon Knight #1 Review – As we finally get the long-awaited relaunch of a Moon Knight ongoing, what does Jed MacKay have in store for us in what is one of Marvel Comics’ most interesting, complex characters? That being the Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, the Fist of Khonshu, and Moon Knight! And for those new to the character, those are ALL the same person!! Confused? Don’t feel bad. I can’t wait to see how this plays out! Let’s check our Moon Knight #1!! Check out Moon Knight #1 Review HERE!! Continue reading Moon Knight #1 Review

Sinister War #1 Review

DOCTOR OCTOPUS IS BACK! AND THE SINISTER WAR HAS BEGUN! Ock’s got a new Sinister Six and if you think he’s thought big in the past, think again. What Ock DOESN’T know is that the VULTURE has a sextet of his own: THE SAVAGE SIX! It’s an all-out WAR between two of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe, and the only person they hate more than each other is SPIDER-MAN! Continue reading Sinister War #1 Review

Immortal Hulk #48 Review

Immortal Hulk #48 Review – Questioning himself after his recent confrontations, the Hulk turns to the one person who always understood him – only too well. It’s time for truths to be told. But will it be Betty Banner who tells them…or will the Hulk face the gaze of the RED HARPY?  Check out the Immortal Hulk #48 Review HERE! Continue reading Immortal Hulk #48 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #15 Review

GUARDIANS VS. S.W.O.R.D.! In the wake of the Snarkwar and reeling from revelations of their own, the Guardians come face-to-face with the S.W.O.R.D. station crew……including their Quiet Council liaison-Magneto! And he’s not known for friendly chats…It’s the Human Rocket versus the Master of Magnetism-and it’s winner take all! Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy #15 Review

Gamma Flight #1 Review

Gamma Flight had one job: Find and stop the Hulk. But when push came to smash, they sided with the Green Goliath-and the human world intends to make them regret it. Puck, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doc Sasquatch, Dr. Charlene McGowan and a horribly changed Rick Jones are fugitives from every known authority-but a team that full of gamma is bound to break before long. Continue reading Gamma Flight #1 Review

Fantastic Four #33 Review

THE BRIDE OF DOOM! Part 2: “”Royal Wedding”” You are cordially commanded to Latveria for the greatest wedding ceremony in the history of the Marvel Universe…far greater than that lowly, uninspired and commonplace wedding of Reed Richards and whoever that woman was. These are the nuptials of our beloved leader, Victor Von Doom, and his most devoted and noble subject, Victorious. Attendance is mandatory. Special guest stars: PRINCE NAMOR and the BLACK PANTHER. Continue reading Fantastic Four #33 Review