Nightwing #83 Review

As the first arc of the wildly successful run by Taylor, Redondo and company comes to an end, how are things looking for our hero and his newly found sister? Good!? Or not so much….?

story by TOM TAYLOR
art by BRUNO REDONDO and Adriano Lucas
variant Cover by MAX DUNBAR

On Sale Date 8/17/21

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

variant Cover – price $4.99 US (Card Stock)


So remember when Tom Taylor said prior to this run starting that he wanted to make Dick Grayson into the “A” list character that he deserved to be? Well, that happens in issue #83 of Nightwing!

This issue, like the others in this run picks up immediately after the last issue.

While Dick is immediately put into a very precarious situation, it becomes even more interesting when another layer of depth and intrigue is added when his sister, Melinda lets him in on what the actual “truth” of her involvement is with the Maroni family!

This immediately leads to an extended action sequence, that while is great fun, isn’t the real “meat” of the story. The real good stuff is who Dick seeks out to help him make one of the most important decisions of his life….. what to do with all the money that Alfred left him? Who he talks to, their responses and the love, respect, admiration that is shown towards Dick are what absolutely make him an “A” list character as far as this reviewer is concerned!


The art and colors by Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas continue to be on par with the superb writing of Tom Taylor. Bludhaven while certainly being crime-ridden sure is pretty!!! A panel showing a group chats with the Batfamily is a highlight for me! Letting the art tell the story is Taylor having the utmost confidence in Redondo I’d bet!


Nightwing #83 continues to be the best ongoing book that DC publishes, in my opinion. I wait with great anticipation for each upcoming issue! Could we have gotten a better first run out of this creative team?? I’d bet not. Can’t wait for issue #84



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