Darkhold: Blade #1 Preview

Darkhold: Blade #1 Preview – After reading from the cursed Darkhold, Blade and a cadre of other heroes were meant to enter Chthon’s dimension and stop the ancient god from destroying the Multiverse. But reading the book has changed all their lives and histories…and for Blade, the consequences are far-reaching.  Check out the Darkhold: Blade #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Darkhold: Blade #1 Preview

X-Force #24 Review

X-Force #24 Review: MIKHAIL RASPUTIN’s nesting doll agents have infiltrated Krakoa before, but never like this. If BLACK TOM can’t root out their invasion of BEAST, the consequences go beyond mere death. Time for PIOTR RASPUTIN, A.K.A. COLOSSUS, to step in. Check out the X-Force #24 Review HERE! Continue reading X-Force #24 Review

October 2021 Marvel Comics Weekly Release Schedule

October 2021 Marvel Comics Weekly Release Schedule: Here all the Marvel Comics arriving each week in the month of October 2021. Check out the article HERE! Continue reading October 2021 Marvel Comics Weekly Release Schedule

Darkhold Alpha #1 Preview

Darkhold Alpha #1 Preview – Now one of the greatest sorcerers in the Multiverse has found it — and Chthon has found him. To save them all, the Scarlet Witch must gather the world’s greatest heroes…and unleash their inner darkness. Witness the Marvel Universe’s descent into chaos! Check out the Darkhold Alpha #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Darkhold Alpha #1 Preview

X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1 Review

X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1 Review: A party to end everything. The seals are broken, the trumpets have sounded; only a small band of eccentric mutants can hope to break the fall… Can Nightcrawler light the spark that will drive out the shadows…or will Krakoa slip into the abyss…? Check out the X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1 Review HERE! Continue reading X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1 Review