Wolverine #11 Review




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As we finally get back to our Dracula storyline, let’s see if Logan pops his claws and slices and dices some vampires, or gets lazy and uses a scythe and pitchfork??!! Not kidding…

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As I said, not kidding. And that is my only problem with this issue. This issue harkens back to old Tomb of Dracula issues from the ’70s! Dark, gritty tales of vampires full of atmosphere and ambiance. I just can’t get past the fact that Wolverine would rather wield a scythe AND a pitchfork than his adamantium claws. These certainly aren’t tools you’d find to ward off or kill vampires. I’d expect some silver bullets, a mirror, garlic, holy water, any of the traditional vampire hunting tools, but not a scythe and pitchfork. Not sure if this Scot Eaton’s attempt at making Wolverine unique or what, but it comes off as extremely confusing.

Vampires want to increase their power in the world and to do so feel the need to be able to be active in the daylight. Wolverine’s blood with its handy healing factor is just what the vampires need to recover from being out in the daylight. Wolverine has been tracking the vampires across the US and he’s also on Omega Red’s trail with some help from Sage and Beast, whom I seem to like less and less with each issue he’s in.

And while Dracula is relentless in pressuring Omega Red to get more of Wolverine’s blood, I feel sorry for Omega Red based on his response. While Dracula and Omega Red hatch their plan in the BEST location for a colony of vampires, Wolverine ends up in Paris seeking the help of an old girlfriend it seems, who is also a vampire hunter. Her name is Louise and it’s been some time since we’ve seen her in this book. Issue #1 I believe. She offers some insight on the history of the faction of vampire hunters she’s a member of – the Nightguard. And while Logan came to her for help, she also needs his. Desperately. The issue ends as a member of the Nightguard secretly oversees what help Logan gives Louise, which will surely lead to this story becoming much more involved.


The art is a treat to look at. Very dark and gloomy. Lots of bats 🦇 flying around. The coloring by JP Mayer brings out the atmosphere and ambiance, and bring the issue to life. Or death, depending on your point of view.

And as usual, we have a variant cover!

Final Thoughts:

Despite Wolverine’s questionable choice in weapons, I enjoyed this issue very much. The vampire storyline is something I’ve been waiting to get back to for a long time! It’d be fine with me if we stuck with this story for a full arc!


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