The Joker #3 Review

written by JAMES TYNION IV

art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH

backup story written by JAMES TYNION IV and SAM JOHNS

backup story art by MIRKA ANDOLFO

card stock variant cover by DAVID FINCH

card stock variant cover by GARY FRANK

1:25 card stock variant cover by RICCARDO FEDERICI

ON SALE 5/11/21

$5.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DC

As we become even more immersed in James Tyrion’s fascinating Joker story, will the Joker be more a part of his own book, or will it continue to be a Jim Gordon story for all practical purposes? Let’s head to Belize and find out!!

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We start this month’s issue with a flashback. Going back to one of the most famous and controversial Batman stories of all time, The Killing Joke. As a fan of editor’s notes, one referencing this classic story would have been extremely helpful. It’s the backstory that essentially sets up this whole series, so some reference material for those looking for it would have helped. And it would help sell more DC comics!

This flashback also serves the purpose of showing just why the Joker is Jim Gordon’s “white whale”. It also shows in depth how his thought process has evolved since his Chicago days as far as how he investigates and how he’s attempting to track down the Joker.

In Gordon’s observations Tynion also shows what a deeply flawed and deranged character the Joker really is.

As the issue advances, we do quickly jump to the present and get some much-appreciated appearances from the Bat-Family! The Bat-Family has a job to do, it’s not just a token appearance. Tynion is at his best when working with a big cast and he obviously gets the nuances of the Bat-Family, as we’ve seen in countless other Bat-books! We also catch a glimpse of what some of the other characters that also attempting to hunt down the Joker are up to. We’re treated to quite a cliffhanger as the issue wraps up.


The art continues to be way above average but not quite spectacular. The flashback scenes were very well done. A full-page spread of a car on a bridge with a Bat-Family member on top is my favorite art of the issue!


My review focuses on the Joker story. The Punchline story is somewhat unnecessary in my opinion. Give me an oversized Joker story every issue. Please DC? Tynion continues to steer the ship in a way that’s trending upwards in a big way, and I’m fully on board with it! Can’t wait for issue 4!!


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