Nightwing #80 Review

written by TOM TAYLOR

art and cover by BRUNO REDONDO

card stock variant cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL

ON SALE 5/18/21

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC


Can issue three of Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, and Adriano Lucas’s continue its trend of being as outstanding as the first two issues have been? If I were a betting man I’d say YES! Let’s head to Bludhaven and find out!!

We start Nightwing #80 out immediately with outstanding color work by Adriano Lucas. The lights and shadows cast by early morning are stunning. Not sure if it was intentionally done to make Bludhaven differ so much from an insufferably dark and dreary Gotham but it’s a delight just to look at the artwork and colors. The different shades of blue in Haley’s barks possibly signify the intensity of her barks. Not a big deal at all, but the attention to detail is appreciated. We’re quickly into our story as the news of Martin Holt being murdered in issue #79 gives a shocked, wide-eyed Dick.

The pencils by Redondo showing Dick’s face show his shock with no dialogue being needed. When the writer lets the art tell the story you know you’ve got a good creative team!!

We then get back to what is my favorite part of this run so far. That being the relationship/chemistry between Dick and Barbara. She’s needed to be Dick’s alibi. The effects of the sunlight on the streets of Bludhaven and the sunlight shining on Barbara are again….spectacular!

A reoccurring theme thus far in Taylor’s run is Dick’s choice of clothes. Mainly his t-shirts. It’s even caused some fans to create their own T-shirts based on what Dick wears in comics! There’s some banter between Dick and the police as they try to piece together what happened.

The rest of the book gets even better. You’ll have to check it out. Trust me! It focuses on relationships. Relationships between Dick and Barbara and also Dick and Robin. Robin as in Tim Drake. There are nods to the past that are just quick mentions. Communication with just a glance or exhale of a breath. We also get some awesome fight scenes featuring some great choreography between Dick and Robin!


While some reviewers have lamented the somewhat slow pace of this run, I love it. The art and coloring are best in the business bar none and the writing is top-notch for sure too!


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