Peacemaker Episode #7 Review

Director: Brad Anderson

Writer: James Gunn

Publisher: DC
Price: $14.99 (HBO Max Subscription)
Release Date: 02/10/2022
Reviewer: Soycornholio

Team Peacemaker walking into battle one last time

Stop Dragon My Heart Around:

It is that glorious time of the week when James Gunn’s Peacemaker drops on HBO Max. Following last week’s episode, The White Dragon is after Chris aka Peacemaker. He is ready to slaughter his son. Sins of the past catch up between the duo and lead to a shocking ending in Peacemaker episode number seven. Check out the review here!

What a Childhood:

The more and more that we have flashbacks of Peacemaker’s childhood. The more and more disgusted I become with his father. This episode opens with the gruesome death of Peacemaker’s brother Keith. Spoiler alert: he was murdered.

It is apparent throughout the last few episodes, that Peacemaker was close to his brother and to some degree, his father blamed him for his death. That coupled with having a father who is a white supremacist villain, it is wild that Peacemaker still strives to be a hero in his own story. Now, I am not saying that he should eventually become a villain, etc, but if he did…Who could blame him?

Papa Don’t Preach:

This episode pivots away from the butterflies and focuses on one of the other sub-plots: the White Dragon. After vowing to kill his son, the White Dragon and his hordes of cronies finally catch up to Peacemaker. The battle that ensues leaves several shocking deaths. This episode (much like episode one) tugs on the heartstrings. The pure hatred and ultimately love that Peacemaker displays towards his father, could melt the coldest heart.

Auggie Smith bloody mouth in Peacemaker

Hardcore Harcourt:

Harcourt has finally come into her own. First off, the way she went toe to toe with Judo Master, made me yearn for more street brawlers in the DC Universe. The way the scene was choreographed, shows the level of detail that DC is willing to go moving forward.

Peacemaker Episode 7 Review - "Stop Dragon My Heart Around" Image

Harcourt is the natural-born leader of the group. I can see her more akin to Amanda Waller than Adebayo. As she takes the reins and leads the team to kill the cow (which is a hideous creature by the way), I cannot help but wonder if she will eventually earn the trust of Waller.

Final thoughts:

Peacemaker episode seven is the most emotional yet. There is love, anger, and death. Several surprising and brutal deaths. If you have been holding out on watching this show, now is the time to binge-watch. DC is not playing around when it comes to this show. The entire universe has been expanded and more importantly, they sell you these characters. By the end of this episode, you will be emotionally invested in Peacemaker and the rest of the team.

Check it out!


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