Peacemaker Episode #5 Review

Director: Rosemary Rodriguez

Writer: James Gunn

Publisher: DC
Price: $14.99 (HBO Max Subscription)
Release Date: 01/27/2022
Reviewer: Soycornholio

Monkey Dory:

Following the heels of the previous episode four, episode five of Peacemaker titled “Monkey Dory”, continues to ride the wave of action and Eagly! Let’s take a look at what is going on with Peacemaker and the team this week!

*Mild spoilers to follow*

Spread your Wings:

Ladies and gentle fish (Sponge-Bob reference), this will be my first critique of Peacemaker! Why in the world did it take until episode five for us to find out what a butterfly is? Now, do not get me wrong. I am a sucker of some slow burns in tv shows, but this took five episodes. Granted, there were enough sub-plots (The White Dragon and Adebayo/Waller) to keep me going. But geez. Five episodes is a lot. Moving forward, I hope that the slow burns are over and it is nothing but action and one-liners!

Peacemaker wearing helmet

It’s a part of his Character:

THANK YOU, VIGILANTE! Yes, I love Peacemaker and his humor. I cried for about two minutes watching him chew “Dye Beard” up and spit him back out. But holy cow, he is a total bully. I cannot help but wonder if he developed this as a defense mechanism from dealing with his father for all of those years. Moving forward, I would like to see more of Peacemaker retaining his humor but softening the bullying. This could be easy by pairing him more with Adebayo or another character that can get him to truly do some self-reflection. As stated in an earlier episode, she is the only person that he potentially trusts. I am inclined to believe this to be true because he did lay off “Dye Beard” after she initially told him to. Again, kudos on the character development.

The Peacemaker Posse celebrating a successful mission

To the Extreme:

I am trying to understand who is more hardcore: Peacemaker or Vigilante. Both guys have no problem with going there. For starters, both wanted to take in some extreme weapons to the factory as they hunted for butterflies. At first, I thought that Peacemaker had decided to go on a murder spree and start firing at random civilians (Adebayo’s reaction originally solidified my thoughts). Luckily, he had his x-ray vision helmet on that made everything make more sense. On the other hand, Vigilante was ready to go in with the chainsaw. If that is not metal, I do not know what is. I also must give props to Vigilante for taking out the Bernstein Bears. He had no problem going after the kids whereas Peacemaker stumbled hard. These two almost remind me of a twisted version of Batman and Robin and I am loving every minute of it.

Final Thoughts:

Peacemaker episode five was not bad whatsoever. It delivered heavily on the gore, action, and it moved the plot along at a decent pace. This tv show is great with creating different sub-plots that take us in different directions (the White Dragon in prison and the new Captain to name a few). Considering what we have seen in the previous episodes, this was a vanilla (even considering the epic chainsaw finisher) episode. I would highly recommend any and everyone (except kids) to check out this show. Great job DC!


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