Dark Ages #3 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art: Iban Coello

Colors: Brian Reber

Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

Publisher: Marvel
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 11/17/2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio

Dark Ages #3

I am loving this series so much. Dark Ages #4 by Tom Taylor is the gift that keeps on giving. This issue contained shocking deaths, amazing displays of powers, and most importantly, contained numerous plot twists. At the end of reading this issue, I was mad that I had read it so quickly! It is that addicting! Let’s take a look!

*Mild Spoilers*

The Beauty:

Tea parties. I kid you not, tea parties. Issue #3 opens with Luke Cage, Peter Parker, and Johnny Storm having a tea party. Taylor has perfectly nailed the voices for each of these characters. As Johnny Storm is bragging about how he has melted through Galactus before, one of the kids innocently responds with, “who is Galactus?” I loved this. Throughout all of the horrors that riddles the Marvel Universe, there is still the child-like innocence from…well, the innocent!

Issue #3 also contained a wonderful mash-up of all the various levels of Marvel beings. Of course, we have our mutants (shoutout to Jean), we have our scientists running around, our rulers, and the villains. Wow…The villains are perfect. They are behaving the way they should. Mystique is up to her old tricks again while Apocalypse is masterminding a major take-over scheme. And most importantly, our Symbiotes are behaving as they should: alien esque. Excellent job Taylor!

The Horror:

Death. The deaths in Dark Ages #3 were off the wall. I am talking John Wick 3 level deaths to where you are verbally saying “oooooh.” Strangely enough, I loved seeing this. Lately, Marvel has not been taking the gruesome factor to the next level. If anything, it has been rated G. This issue takes place in what one can assume is an alternate reality. This is where Marvel shines. Alternate realities are their sandboxes. The writer is truly free to create and destroy so many different characters and not have it affect the 616 Universe. I love it!

Final Thoughts:

Pick up Dark Ages #3 today! Thus far, this story has kept me wanting more. It is perfectly paced with just the right number of high stakes that easily place this on my list of top 10 comics for 2021. If you are a fan of various Marvel characters going toe to toe with villains, this is most definitely the comic for you!



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