Peacemaker Episode #2 Review

Director: James Gunn

Publisher: DC
Price: $14.99 (HBO Max Subscription)
Release Date: 01/13/2022
Reviewer: Soycornholio

Peacemaker Soundtrack on HBO Max - Every Song in Season 1, Episode 2

Best Friends for Never:

I love it when streaming services either release the first handful of episodes OR an entire series at once. In my opinion, we are living in the golden age of streaming. There should be no reason that I must wait months just to see which sister died in the OG Charmed series (RIP Prue). HBO has picked up on my vibes and released not one, not two but THREE episodes of James Gunn’s Peacemaker on HBO Max. Following the heels of the “set up episode” of the series, episode two continues the trend of blissful ignorance, cheesy jokes, and of course Eagly. Let’s take a look!

Minor spoilers to follow*

Comedy at its Finest:

After turning the femme bot into “gumbo”, Peacemaker is on a mission to escape the crime scene. Amanda Waller’s team is immediately on the scene to perform damage control. Some of the greatest moments in this episode take place as the “New Girl” and Harcourt are racing against time to perform this quasi extraction.

The “New Girl” serves as the perfect comic relief to Harcourt’s “Straight Woman” routine. Whereas she is super serious and but the book. The “New Girl” is way more easygoing. Case in point, she understands Peacemaker wanting to make the beast with two backs as he was just released from prison. Side note: I will never eat grapefruit, oatmeal, or yogurt again. It will be interesting seeing how these two further play off one another.

Less is more:

So here is where I begin to contradict myself. There are times when the comedy is too much. Peacemaker being blissfully funny, I love it. The “New Girl” and Harcourt playing a comedy duo? I am all here for it. The random police officer dancing with a gun in the elevator while singing a song is a bit much. In my personal opinion, the MCU spoiled the “random character.” In the MCU, it feels as if everyone has to be funny. They have to say something. Sometimes the “man on the bus” should just be the “man on the bus.” DC, grow without the MCU as a template. Use comedy sparingly.

Just a Man:

Human heroes (and villains) in the DC Universe normally have something that gives them some sort of advantage when it comes to going toe to toe with various villains. After that AMAZING extraction scene, it is obvious that Peacemaker is just a man. He does not have gizmos such as the Bat-Family nor does he have any cool powers. Besides his helmet (hopefully, he never uses the one that can give him scabies) he is taking every bump and bruise.

Watching him jump from apartment balcony to apartment balcony caused many “ooof” moments (at one point, my next-door neighbors knocked on my walls, but I digress). We already see how he interacts with other human heroes and villains alike. I am more interested to see how (and if) he will ever throw hands with a character such as Brainiac or Ares. Granted, those are far-out villains but hey, this time two years ago (insert an eye roll for 2020) we did not even imagine that we would be here. Who knows what is cooking up at DC?

And the Plot:

After Peacemaker kills one of the Butterflies, the big question is how. How did the random femme bot (that is not her name, but it works) know that Peacemaker was going to kill her (or was on a mission)? This leads to several lingering questions. The first one: who the heck are the Butterflies? And number two why does Waller have such an interest in them? This is the perfect amount of subplot that will keep me hooked for weeks to come.

Final thoughts:

Peacemaker episode #2 continues with the same energy that the first one served us on a silver platter. There is more comedy, more action, and…crying. Peacemaker continues to be a super relatable character. From the blissful unawareness to the crying on the bed listening to music because nobody likes him, Peacemaker just may be the comic character we all need in 2022. Check out this episode and listen out for potential hints of a DC multiverse.



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