Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1 Review

Writers: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art: Phil Jimenez

Colors: Hi-Fi, Arif Prianto, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letters: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: DC
Price: $7.99
Release Date: 11/30/2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio

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Historia-The Amazons:

And just like that, I have once more added another Wonder Woman comic to my pull list. Penned by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons seeks to retell the hidden origins of the Amazons. Now, look, before you virtually jump down my throat with the word “re-tell” we must realize that this has been done NUMEROUS of times before. Wonder Woman’s origin story is a tale that is as old as time (or at least since the 1940’s) itself. What does this book have to offer? What will we take away? What makes this story different from saying Morrison’s version or the classic George Pérez run? Well Mr. Owl, let’s find out!

*Mild spoilers to follow*


Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons opens with a plethora of rumors that have plagued the Amazons for thousands of years. I was in awe as I read the one in which they were thought to have had cut off one of their breasts to allow them to fire their arrows easier. I vaguely remembered reading something like this when I was younger but, it has been so long ago now, it is all fuzzy. At any rate, this shows DeConnick’s respect for not only the DC mythos but the actual Greek Mythology.

Another misconception that is subtly put to rest, is the “kumbaya” nature of the goddesses. Let me just say no. They were not all initially on board to create Themysciara (or maybe Paradise Island in this series). One of the key players in Wonder Woman’s history is notably absent from the birth of the Amazons. However, knowing what we know about this goddess, her eyes are everywhere, and she is slowly beginning to hatch her plan.

The Goddesses:

Oh wow…Where do I begin? Well, maybe at the beginning. When we traditionally think of the Greek Goddesses, we think of them as flat pictures on ancient vases or broken marble pillars in the Louvre. In Wonder Woman’s mythos, the goddess is normally an average-looking woman who walks around in togas and other ancient Greek apparel and gently guides the Amazons as needed. Take these thoughts of the goddess and throw them out the window. All the goddesses from Aphrodite to Hecate, are titanic (ironic right). Heck, I do not even think titanic is the proper word to use when describing the goddess. They are what I imagine goddesses should look like in comics. Jimenez does an AMAZING job of diversifying them. Seriously, they appear in all types of different skin colors, hairstyles, sizes, and apparel. The perfect representation of society and the modern-day Amazons of Themysciara. They are furthermore brought to life by the stellar inkers. I am so serious when I say this should be the definitive version of the Greek Goddesses.


One of my questions for Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, was how it would differ from other Amazon origin stories. Listen, if I was to think I knew a thing or two about Amazon’s history, I was WRONG! Traditionally, we have read countless times that Hippolyta was the first Amazon, so she was automatically made queen. In this mini-series, that is not the case. Hippolyta’s role thus far is practically minuscule. Other Amazons such as Io and Antiope have more of a stronger role than the future queen. This is refreshing. I enjoy more of the backstories and the “day in the life of” for the Amazons. This is a magical island run by fierce warrior women. There HAS to be so much more to the story than just Diana and the rest of the royal family.

Final Thoughts:

Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons is a master class on what happens when amazing writing meets stellar art and inks. It creates a candy shop of so many different flavors. There is rage, sadness, love, and hope to name a few. This entire issue was nothing but eye candy. With DC beginning to align all of their franchises with Flashpoint, I would LOVE for this to be the origin story of the Amazons. From my understanding, there was an Amazon-centered movie in the works with Warner Bros. some time ago. If that is still in the works, please please PLEASE use this issue as the inspiration. Pick up this comic. Seriously, pick it up. When (and if) it is collected in either a hardcover or trade format, I shall be buying it. That is how much in love I am with it.




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