Action Comics #1037 Review

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artist: Miguel Mendoca

Colorist: Adriano Lucas

Cover Artists: Daniel Sampere & Alejandro Sánchez

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Superman has arrived on Warworld with his new iteration of the Authority to back him up. All eyes are on Superman as he takes on the newest Mongul and all of his forces on the alien and brutal Warworld. Action Comics #1037 gives readers what’s actually on the cover: Superman vs. Mongul!

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This comic feels like the payoff to a lot of things that Phillip Kennedy Johnson has introduced in his run. The giant green space monsters from his time on the main Superman book, the Future State story with Superman on Warworld, and of course everything that happened in his previous Action Comics story arc. It’s all been building up to this confrontation between Superman and the new Mongul, the Mongul-Who-Is.

This comic lives up to the series’ name and is all about the action. The main draw is Superman and his version of the Authority taking on Mongul and his fiercest champions. The dialogue, pacing, and story development are some of Philip Kennedy Johnson’s best writing in his time on the series. Everyone gets to be in the spotlight, even if some are taken out while the rest get to show off. Props to Miguel Mendonca for the art, he makes everyone not only look good but look dynamic. He and the colorist Adriano Lucas deliver a kinetic, action-packed comic that looks great.

The biggest problem with this comic is how predictable it is. Sometimes predictability is welcome with certain stories, but this feels very telegraphed. Superman challenges Mongul, and the various members of the Authority take on Mongul’s champions. Most are either bested or diverted from aiding Supes against Mongul, leaving them one-on-one fights that range from being bland to fun. Meanwhile, the main fight is going on and of course it doesn’t go how most people in-universe expect.

Meanwhile, there’s another story developing alongside the fight on Warworld as the leaders of the United Planets delegate on whether they should help Superman. Now, this highlights what’s wrong with this entire Warworld Saga, as anyone in their right mind in the DC universe would jump at the chance to help Superman, whether from Earth or among the United Planets.

It just feels like Johnson is covering his bases in establishing why NO ONE is helping Superman face Mongul this entire time. Unfortunately, while some of the discussion brings up some interesting points, none of it feels consequential since they’re not often relevant issues in general DC comic stories. At least, not for long. We’ll see if anything significant truly comes from this story element in later issues.


Now, let’s be real: Superman isn’t dead. By the end, Mongul spears Supes through the chest and delivers the big money-shot. But let’s be real, it’s a gimmick. Either he’s not dead or he dies but Mongul revives the Man of Steel to make him “suffer.” Either way, this isn’t DC truly killing off Superman, it’s a stunt and it will pass when we see him again in the next issue.

Final Thoughts:

Action Comics #1037 delivers on giving readers the big fight between Superman and the new Mongul. The fight itself is well-paced with solid dialogue by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, while the art by Miguel Mendonca and colors by Adriano Lucas make this a fun and dynamic comic book. The biggest problem is the predictability of the fight and how it all ends. But now that the series is going full-throttle with the Warworld Saga, readers will be getting more from this new Mongul storyline.


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