Justice League Dark 2021 Annual #1 Review

Writer: Ram V and Dan Watters

Art: Christopher Mitten, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Rob Leigh, and Sebastian Fiumara

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: November 30th, 2021

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 2021 ANNUAL #1 does exactly what it’s supposed to and then some! Its focus was to summarize the clever penning of Ram V’s transcendental tale while simultaneously ushering in the next phase of this rather massive saga. Readers, there is a bulky buffet to digest this week. However, it was certainly needed for clarity and guidance. Before JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 2021 ANNUAL #1 wraps, fans will discover who appears to really be pulling the strings (and it ain’t who you think) while a new magical player enters the fray. Let’s dive into this mystical extended cut and see what enchanting endeavors await.

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Fans, there is just so much content to comb through in this week’s annual. Still, with all the deep dialogue and heavy material does come some extremely wild and brilliant literary flare. Anyone can tell that Ram V and Dan Watters have done their homework within the mystical DC COMICS realm. The different key magical players, as well as their inner workings and intertwining backstories, are truly brilliant as V and Watters iron out the vivid details. Plus, the history between the characters showcased by their body language and conversation shows just how brittle and fractured this team truly is, as well as what they’ve gone through recently. Furthermore, that’s also a testament to this art team!

Moreover, this reviewer can’t help but adore the sly storytelling gems that Ram V and Dan Watters sprinkle throughout the narrative. From backward panels, reversed wording, and open panel manipulation from Christopher Mitten and this art team, this creative team added an uncanny, almost sinister feeling to this issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. Additionally, this reviewer was stunned by the reveals within this issue so much so that I found myself interested in some NEW GODS issues from the early 90s! Again, Ram V and Dan Watters have put some serious thought into the scope of this series and it really bellowed out through this annual.


Readers, Christopher Mitten has a specific style and tone that fits the ambiance of a magical yet eerie tale splendidly. However, My personal taste is attracted to more detail and structure, especially within the character’s faces and features. If you look closely, some of the linework is a bit more jagged and the design seems a bit rougher than I’m used to or enjoy. Again, I get the fit of his style with this genre of comic. Nevertheless, I’ve always been a more superhero, realistic art guy myself. Please don’t let that deter you from the issue. Again, Mitten provides that tone of voice that V and Watters were looking for. Yet, I do feel it’s possible to get the best of both worlds by keeping the complexion of the series with a realistic take.


JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 2021 ANNUAL #1 is complex, sophisticated, elaborate, and perplexing… but all in a spectacular way. The thought and attention to in-depth story beats and details are absolutely fantastic. There is no doubt Ram V, Dan Watters, and their crew have done their homework. However, I wish I could say this is the perfect jumping-on point for a new reader. Sure, they do catch fans up on the comings and goings involved in the backup of JUSTICE LEAGUE as well as JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. Yet, the heavy nature of the story, as well as the knowledge of the cast of characters involved is pretty daunting. There is no doubt this issue is for the JLD fan or at least a fan steeped in DC COMIC lore surrounding this magical clientele. I, for one, loved it! Nonetheless, Ram V specifically is a comic book wizard. So, the material is right in his wheelhouse! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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