Peacemaker Episode #1 Review

Director: James Gunn

Publisher: DC
Price: $14.99 (HBO Max Subscription)
Release Date: 01/13/2022
Reviewer: Soycornholio


A Whole New Whirled:

Good news everyone! The DCEU is here. No seriously, the DCEU we all deserve is here. Whether or not it is here to stay is a different article within itself, but I digress. The last handful of movies/tv-shows has been solid. Between Titans, Doom Patrol, and the Suicide Squad, things are looking up for the House that Batman Built. Now, what brings me to this review (especially since the last series I reviewed was eons ago aka WandaVision)? Enter: Peacemaker. As I earlier mentioned, the DCEU has been on an upswing lately. This is definitely the case with the Suicide Squad (James Gunn’s version). In the Suicide Squad, we are introduced to John Cena’s Peacemaker. Now, before the comic historians start jumping down my throat, yes, Peacemaker has been around since the ’60s BUT on film, this is our introduction. Arguably the biggest standout from the Suicide Squad, DC has decided to give this…this… Pollyanna esque a killer in his own series. But is it worth a watch?

Minor spoilers to follow*

The Pieces of Me:

Peacemaker exists in that grey area of superherodom. One on hand, he is all about keeping the peace. On the other hand, he is all about keeping the peace no matter WHAT the cost is. In the tv show, however, Peacemaker is broken. Finally, recovering after the events in the Suicide Squad and being told he was “free” he stumbles around trying to figure out what is next. Unknowingly to him Amanda Waller still requires his services.

Episode 1 of Peacemaker is super relatable. We all have been on a journey to rediscover who we are. Be it after an intense breakup, leaving the city we are from, or even leaving a job, we all have had those moments where we are just like F****. This entire episode serves as Peacemaker’s F*** moment. It is a mess, it is emotional, and more importantly, it is cheesy,

John Cena as Peacemaker with Eagly

The Cheesy Americana:

This is a cheesy tv show. Like a super cheesy show. The intro alone makes me want to cringe, but it is so darn good. The cheesy campy factor gave me total Bat-Dance Adam West vibes (maybe that was what Gunn was gunning for)? Peacemaker could be viewed as the excessiveness of what America is. Everything from the muscles (again, this is John Cena we’re talking about), the muscle car, the Old Glory painted trailer, and of course…Eagly the Eagle SCREAMS Americana. Heck, there is even an Elvis Presley Squirrel, and you know what, I am all here for it.


The Adult Factor:

Do NOT watch this show with your kids. I repeat this is NOT like an MCU show. THIS is a DCEU show on HBO. What does that mean? Simple: there is blood, nudity, very intimate scenes, and (my favorite) language. Gunn does an AMAZING job with translating the Rated R humor from the Suicide Squad into Peacemaker. If you are one of those people who feel self-conscious watching comic book movies and shows, you should feel right at home with this one as it is made for adults.

Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, Chukwudi Iwuji, Danielle Brooks, and John Cena sitting at a restaurant in 'Peacemaker' Episode 1.

Ignorance is Bliss:

Peacemaker is 100% unaware of what it is that he does. Everything from wearing his outfit into a restaurant to calling a waitress “sweet cheek” is done with the purest intentions. Now, is this because he was locked away for 4 years, or is this just his character? My money goes to this just being his character. I mean, the guy has an eagle named Eagly, He could easily be the punchline to every joke (and in some cases, he is) but it suits his character the same way caves fit Batman. It just works.

Peacemaker Recap

Final thoughts:

There is so much to unpack with Peacemaker. Episode 1 serves as the “set up” episode. We are reintroduced to the character while fleshing out more of his back story. Peacemaker is written like a Jim Carrey character from the ’90s. Blissfully unaware yet you cannot help but feel for him as you cry from laughter. If you are craving a breath of fresh air, check out Peacemaker. Everything from John Cena and Eagly, to the muscle car and the bedroom fight scene with the femme bot from hell, is epic.


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