DC Vs. Vampires #1 Review

Writers: James Tynion & Matthew Rosenberg

Art: Otto Schmidt

Colors: Otto Schmidt

Letters: Tom Napolitano
Publisher: DC
Price: $4.99
Release Date: 10/26/2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio

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DC Vs. Vampires:

First off, the variant edition of James Tynion and Matthew Rosenberg’s DC vs. Vampires #1 is PHENOMENAL. A vampire crazed Batman is something that I never knew I needed in my life. DC is winning the imaginary “spooky stories” race between the comic companies. Thus far, they have released several big Halloween esque storylines that lend themselves pretty well to the season. Going into issue #1, I am expecting superheroes, blood, and most importantly…vampires! Let’s see if I was right?

*Spoiler Free *

The Story:

Ok, I was expecting this story to be like your typical alternate future storyline. Some type of major Earth-shattering event took place in the past, and a rag-tag group of heroes and villains are struggling for survival in the “future.”  Naturally, you will need some big brain (maybe Brainiac or Batgirl) to create a time machine and stop whatever happened in the past. This is a cut-and-dry scenario. Let me tell you that this is NOT what happens. After the death of the vampire leader in the DC Universe, Andrew Bennet rushes to inform the Justice League that there is a coming vampire war. The plot twist? There are vampire sleeper agents riddled throughout the DC Universe. Tynion and Rosenberg do an amazing job of creating tension throughout the story. I was following Andrew Bennet’s tale to the letter. At one point, I was clutching my imaginary pearls! It was that good. Honestly, it was so good that even I dare not to spoil it!

Super Friends?

The best way to describe DC vs. Vampires #1 is the Super Friends TV Show from the ’70s with a modern twist. Deep cut characters and organizations such as Zan (the Wonder Twin) and the Legion of Doom (complete with the random head headquarters) are carefully injected into the storyline. This added a mild sense of nostalgia for me while I was reading. I could not help but to imagine the Cheetah as a weird bat/cat-like hybrid creature running like crazy throughout the DC Universe. This was an excellent way to create a storyline that fans of the “classic” Super Friends and modern-day comic readers could jump into with ease

Final Thoughts:

DC vs. Vampires #1 by James Tynion & Matthew Rosenberg is a good starting point for this series. Honestly, I could not expect any more for issue #1 than what was delivered. All of the cards were not laid on the table, so that allows the reader to keep some type of interest. After reading this issue, I want to dive into the background of the vampire Andrew Bennet. From the way he is written throughout issue #1, he seems intriguing. I would recommend this issue for anyone who is looking to read something a little bit spooky for October. Like me, you may go into it thinking it is one thing, and you will emerge with a new curiosity to see how this storyline plays out. Happy Reading!



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