Detective Comics #1044 Review

Writer: Mariko Tamaki

Art:  Dan Mora, Jordie Bellaire, and Aditya Bidikar

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: October 26th, 2021

Cover Price: $4.99

When The Red Crown usurped control of Mayor Nakano’s security detail, it came down to BATMAN as the only one who could protect the Mayor! However, once the couple is forced into the sewers, they find themselves surrounded by a much more ominous menace lurking in the shadows. BATMAN better be on his A-game because this subterranean tunnel is submerged with thousands of little ravenous monster eggs. And they’re incredibly hungry! Let’s dive into DETECTIVE COMICS #1044 by Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora to discover if these two unwilling partners can escape this unpleasantly creepy sewer story before they’re eaten alive.

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DC COMICS Fear State Event has been a bit disjointed and underwhelming, to say the least. The stories in BATMAN, as well as DETECTIVE COMICS, feel almost like two parallel tales happening with two different characters at the forefront. However, they both have the Dark Knight as their guide at the same time making this setup quite unique. While BATMAN is banding together against The Magistrate in one title, readers find the very same BATMAN in DETECTIVE COMICS attempting to save Mayor Nakano trapped in a sewer from Nero XIX. Nevertheless, I understand comic timelines can be wonky yet the vibe for any fan reading both main titles comes across as disheveled and almost as if the writers of each Bat-book refuse to work together nor read each other’s work.

However, there is some good news that drives DETECTIVE COMICS forward with a much stronger approach than its brother-in-arms title comic. And that good news is Tamaki’s writing style and simplicity of making BATMAN the actual center of the comic. I know… funny thought right? BATMAN is front and center in his own comic unlike what has appeared to happen in BATMAN, especially during this Fear State event.

Furthermore, Tamaki’s story is just less chaotic, straightforward, and easy to follow. Moreover, the anecdote is extremely timely. Readers will get some incredibly frightening vibes from some dark, dank, subterranean bugs just in time for Halloween setting the perfect tone for this Fear State Event that’s been lacking in prior issues to some degree. Yet, not this week! Tamaki, alongside Dan Mora, understands how to utilize atmospheric elements within the story to their advantage making this week’s DETECTIVE COMICS feel like a true horror story.


Fans of the recent DETECTIVE COMICS run have all said the same thing: Dan Mora’s art is what sells this comic! Granted, Tamaki provides the skeletal structure of the issue, however, it’s Mora that sets the stage providing the eerie and disturbing elements this week. The intense emotion and enthusiasm this week can be directly related to the vivid imagery from Mora and his creative team. Alongside Jordie Bellaire, Mora quickly organizes DETECTIVE COMICS #1044 in such a way that makes the reader feel trapped right beside the characters while still employing the entire space of the issue strategically well. Fans will no doubt agree that it’s the art team, led by Mora this week, that’s rekindled my interest in DETECTIVE COMICS at one of the most appropriate times of the year to do so.


As similar as BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS are supposed to be, readers intertwined with the Dark Knight can’t help but feel the discontinuity between the two lead titles during this Fear State Event. Yet, feeling almost as though I need to choose a BATMAN title as my believable foundation, Tamaki and Mora provide a more substantial story with the focus where it needs to be… on BATMAN for Pete’s Peppers!

This eerie, almost hauntingly exciting story will draw fans in providing new life into DETECTIVE COMICS and possibly the Fear State Event if you were on the fence prior. Nonetheless, the star of the show is once again Mora and his outstanding visual display in which fans can look forward to each and every issue of DETECTIVE COMICS. Give this issue a look! Surprisingly enough, there isn’t a ton of background knowledge needed to fight through this week’s tale. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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