World’s Finest #176 (1968) Review

Do you remember when Superman had a giant gold key that only he and other Kryptonian’s could use to unlock the Fortress of Solitude? When is the last time you read a comic with the World’s Greatest Detective and the Boy Wonder? For all of these Silver Age goodies and more, check out Soycornholio’s review HERE! Continue reading World’s Finest #176 (1968) Review

Batman #107 Preview

Batman #107 Preview- The Dark Knight has his hands full juggling the investigation of the reappearance of an old enemy and the rise of a new gang in Gotham called the Unsanity Collective… Gotham City is getting more dangerous by the minute! Check out the Batman #107 Preview HERE! Continue reading Batman #107 Preview

DC Comics April 2021 Weekly Release Schedule

DC Comics April 2021 Weekly Release Schedule: Here all the DC Comics arriving each week in the month of April 2021. Check out the article HERE! Continue reading DC Comics April 2021 Weekly Release Schedule

Detective Comics #1034 Review

Detective Comics #1034 Review – As Mariko Tamaki takes over her Detective Comics run “officially” after a spring training of sorts with Future State Dark Detective, what path will we be led down? Does anything that happened on Future State matter? Will we be browbeaten with more cult stories as we were in the previous run, or something altogether new? Let’s head to Gotham City and find out!! Check out Detective Comics #1034 Review Here!!! Continue reading Detective Comics #1034 Review

Batman: June 2021 DC Comic Solicitations

DC Comics May 2021 Solicits – Take a look at all the DC Comics hitting shelves this May 2021 and so much more by clicking HERE! Continue reading Batman: June 2021 DC Comic Solicitations