Daredevil #27 Review


Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Mike Hawthorne and Marco Checchetto


Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 10th, 2021


As New York begins to crack under the weight of Knull’s symbiotic assault, Matt Murdock has a crisis of faith in the most electrifying issue of Chip Zdarksy and Marco Checchetto’s groundbreaking DAREDEVIL run yet. BUT THIS TIME, they’re joined by none other than MIKE HAWTHORNE, spearheading a brutal story that pits Daredevil against the god-king of the symbiotes himself – KNULL! Let’s dive into Daredevil #27 and check out this King in Black tie-in!

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After two stellar issues in a row, along with countless variant covers, can Chip Zdarsky keep his streak alive! Let’s head to the mayhem that lies in Hell’s Kitchen and find out!

Well, right off the bat my so-called Spidey sense is going off. Oh wait, Spidey sense…. wrong book. Perhaps that’s because Wilson Fisk is also in this week’s Amazing Spider-Man! How can he be locked down in this week’s Daredevil but also be elsewhere in NY in other Marvel Comics this week? “It’s comics” doesn’t suffice as a valid excuse for me anymore. Don’t these books have editors that communicate? Seriously! It’s pretty frustrating for fans that like continuity and would like to think of the dare I say the “616” as a living, working universe.

Well, back to our story. We’ve got battles raging on several fronts. Both physical and inner battles. Elektra and Mary are battling.

Elektra also continues her inner conflict of trying to fight as Matt would, or in the end fighting as her own self – Elektra, but dressed as Daredevil.

Matt continues not only his physical battle against Knull but also battles a crisis of faith as it were. The whole creative team is in top form. Checchetto and Hawthorne’s art and Zdarsky’s dialogue/thought bubbles clearly show that this is truly a multilayered story with dire consequences hanging in the balance. Religion is a topic not tackled by many. It can turn many off the book completely, so I give Zdarsky credit for showing how religious Matt is, and has been for literally decades.

As the King in Black tie ins are quickly ending, we all know that Matt can’t be a symbiote for long, right? Or can he? We get quite a cliffhanger for the third issue in a row that answers the aforementioned question!

Final Thoughts:

Chip Zdarsky continues his stellar run of Daredevil with another exciting, yet thought-provoking issue. This second tie-in issue touches on the King in Black event all while not putting his “own” Daredevil story on the back burner at all.


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