X-Men #3 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Pepe Larraz, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Marte Garcia, and Tom Muller 

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: September 22nd, 2021

The newly formed X-MEN find themselves in a heaping pile of trouble right out of the gate this week as they come toe-to-toe with Herbert! Well, that’s what Mr. Sinister calls him. To everyone else, he’s the High Evolutionary and his Guard. It just seems like the X-MEN continue to find themselves in one fight after another. Nevertheless, this could be the least of the X-MEN’S worries considering Dr. Statis from Orchis has his hands on an autopsy report for none other than Cyclops himself!!! Let’s dive into this week’s s all-new X-MEN #3 by Gerry Duggan to see what implications are on the horizon that will shake mutantkind to their very core.

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Coming from someone who’s a huge Jonathan Hickman fan AND truly enjoyed his X-MEN run, I have to say the opening two-thirds of this issue of X-MEN were some of the most powerful, fast-paced, action-packed displays from an X-comic in quite a long time. Duggan raises the intensity in this week’s installment and doesn’t take his foot off the gas until the reveal at the end of the issue. Moreover, almost every member of the team gets their fair shake with Synch as the saving linchpin to the story.

Now, in my day I’ve read a reasonable amount of stories involving the High Evolutionary. However, I certainly wouldn’t classify myself as being well astute in the “Evolutionary lore”. Therefore, this reviewer was shocked to see just how powerful and aggressive he truly is. Duggan makes the High Evolutionary, as well as his Guard, look exceedingly formidable. Truthfully, they practically wipe the floor with this X-MEN roster and very well could do the same to the current AVENGERS as well. Whether this seems accurate or not, I loved it!

Continuing with aspects of X-MEN #3 I loved, this reviewer couldn’t help but admire the subtlety involving Laura and Synch. It’s almost as if they share a moment and the entire issue pauses around them. Plus, the small, unique, humorous elements sprinkled throughout the issue added that extra element to the story which provided just enough spice and flare amidst the vicious Evolutionary onslaught. And if that’s not enough, Duggan lays out the narrative as if it’s a genuine MCU movie. From the fierce battle and quips to the final three pages that felt like post-credit scenes, Duggan made this issue of X-MEN feel important while carrying weight and purpose that’s missing in so many current titles today.


Pepe Larraz and Marte Garcia blend well with Duggan’s story and what he’s trying to portray throughout the narrative. Why? Well, Larraz conveys a more kinetic, almost persistent action-based style. It’s as if the characters are constantly moving, which was fantastic for the script of this week’s story. Hence, the relentless action for almost two-thirds of X-MEN #3. However, Larraz’s illustrations do a whole lot more than provide amazing action sequences. They also incorporate the personality of the characters involved so well. Furthermore, Garcia’s colors amplified the fight scenes masterfully and added that extra visual strength needed to elevate the magnitude of the issue. I simply can’t say enough about how amazingly well-designed X-MEN #3 is from top to bottom.


Duggan continues to prove that he’s cut out to lead the charge with the head X-MEN title. At first, many were concerned that Hickman’s absence would derail and sideline what’s been rebuild and redesigned. However, since stepping in, Duggan’s X-MEN has been well crafted, lively, thrilling, and rather eventful. X-MEN #3 is the perfect snapshot of what’s in store for this X-roster as well as the narrative potential in which should excite comic fans moving forward. Moreover, like many new writers that step into a story tend to do, it appears as though Duggan hasn’t forgotten what’s taken place in any of the X-titles to this point. Let Synch and Laura be evidence of that. Look, I know it’s early, but X-MEN #3 should give fans high hopes for this series and its future. And being only three issues in, X-MEN #3 still felt like an easy jumping on point for anyone interested in the series. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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