The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #6 Review

Writers: Greg Rucka & Vita Ayala

Artists: Leandro Fernández & Nicola Scott

Colorists: Daniela Miwa & Annette Kwok

Letterer: Jodi Wynne

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 22, 2021

Reviewer: JR Huitt

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Greg Ruck and Leandro Fernández return with The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #6.  They are joined this time by Vita Ayala and Nicola Scott as the limited series wraps up its run.  Each of the six issues has featured two stories focusing on the group of men and women who cannot die.  The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #6 proves that there are plenty of stories just waiting to be told about the characters in The Old Guard.


I really enjoyed how Vita Ayala showcased Book’s past by using the structure of the story pages.  Seeing how they used his attachment to the museum piece, and WHY it was important to him, to drive the story was very entertaining.  Nile and Andy taking the time to make sure that Book gets back part of his past spoke of the attachment between the characters.  Seeing how much he appreciates it was a beautiful moment.

Greg Rucka’s story featured Isaac.  Isaac’s trip into the village was very entertaining.  Seeing how all of the people respond to Isaac’s presence made it easy to warm to him as a character.  The final part of the story, featuring the named Bear, made me feel that all Isaac is really looking for is some companionship.


It was wonderful seeing Nicola Scott’s interpretation of the characters in The Old Guard.  I feel like some of her best work has been while teamed up with Greg Rucka and it was a real treat seeing this.  The composition of her pages is beautiful and I would really enjoy seeing more of her work set in this world.  In “The Bear,” Leandro Fernández wraps up the series while making sure that we are all ready for the next chapter of The Old Guard.  Isaac’s trip to town looks awesome and seeing all of the different places he visits really speaks to Rucka’s faith in his artist.  It would be very easy for Fernández to have skimped with the backgrounds (we see it all the time in some other books), but he doesn’t.  Look at all of the items for sale in the General Store and see an artist dedicated to his craft.


I really enjoyed The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #6.  Seeing the creators, Rucka & Fernández, come back to wrap the series up was entertaining.  Vita Ayala and Nicola Scott’s story shined a light on the fact that with over 10,000 years of stories, not all of them have to focus on the battles that created the characters.  But my absolute favorite part of the book is that it means that we are ready for The Old Guard: Not Fade Away!


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