Golden Rage #3 Review

Golden Rage #3 Review – Golden Rage #3 continues the story, which is a combination of “The Hunger Games” and “Battle Royale”, where women who have reached menopause age are taken to a massive island to live out the rest of their lives, struggling against nature and each other to survive. This issue picks up immediately from last issue, as Jay, Lottie, Rosie and Caroline confront the Red Hats, the most violent faction on the island. Continue reading Golden Rage #3 Review

Onyx #1 Review

Onyx #1 Review – Onyx #1 is a 100-pager, a deluxe tale of an alien female named Onyx, decked out in powerful armor capable of interstellar travel, coming to Earth to fight an alien species called the Spoors, who destroyed her own world and are moving across the galaxy, taking root on each planet and taking it over in an insidious “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” type way. Will this mix of sci-fi and super-heroics create a winning book? Continue reading Onyx #1 Review

Old Dog #1 Review

Jack Lynch was a once-promising CIA operative. On the eve of retirement, looking back at a failed career, he is tasked with one final mission…that goes horribly wrong. He wakes years later to a changed world and deeper changes within him. When a shadow group offers Lynch a second chance at a life of adventure, he’s paired with the last person he could ever imagine. In order to adjust, this old dog will have to learn some new tricks… Continue reading Old Dog #1 Review

Flawed #1 Review

Gem Ezz is a psychiatrist in the Kafkaesque city of Setham, where corruption and brutality rule the streets. By day, she uses words to solve her patients’ problems. By night, she takes a more direct—and sometimes deadly—approach. But when her practice puts her in the sights of an immortal serial killer, Gem finds herself embroiled in a power struggle that threatens everything she’s ever known. Continue reading Flawed #1 Review

Vanish #1 Review

Vanish #1 Review – Vanish #1 weaves a tale of magic, super-heroes and a decaying city. It’s dark urban fantasy where the heroes and villains aren’t who you think. The story’s main character is Oliver Harrison, also known as “The Chosen One”, who realizes his destiny in this first issue. Imagine a much darker version of Harry Potter who grows up to be The Punisher, and that will give you an inkling of the story that’s inside. Continue reading Vanish #1 Review

Golden Rage #2 Review

Golden Rage #2 Review – Golden Rage #2 continues the story of Jay, Lottie, Rosie and Caroline, exiled to an island with other post-menopausal women and having to struggle and fight to survive. Imagine “Battle Royale” or a bloodier, more brutal version of “Hunger Games”, but with women aged 41 and over. They can never leave the island and have to survive the best they can. The island is split into different factions and tribes. The Red Hat faction is the most savage, and as the story continues, Jay, who has just arrived at the island and been “adopted” by Lottie, Rose and Caroline, must face the possibility of the Red Hats coming for her at any moment. Continue reading Golden Rage #2 Review

The Dead Lucky #2 Review

The Dead Lucky #2 Review: The debut of San Francisco’s newest electric superhero rubs plenty the wrong way, and Bibi struggles to find common ground in her relationships with both the living and the dead. As the Salvation Gang beefs up their army, Morrow takes a quieter approach to unmasking the vigilante. Continue reading The Dead Lucky #2 Review

Starhenge Book One: The Dragon and the Boar #3 Review

Starhenge Book One: The Dragon and the Boar #3 Review: MERLIN and UTHER go to battle in HIBERNIA before stealing the giant stones off of Mount Kilaraus with the help of CERNUNNOS. AMBER and DARYL visit STONEHENGE and later face an unexpected horror… Continue reading Starhenge Book One: The Dragon and the Boar #3 Review

20th Century Men #1 Review

20th Century Men #1 Review – 20th Century Men #1’s main backdrop is Afghanistan in the late 1980’s, where Russia dominates the country with the help of an armored Russian “hero”. Meanwhile, an Afghan woman is harboring secrets as her country continues falling apart, and a crazed President in the USA, who used to be a superhero, has his own agenda for Russia and Afghanistan. It’s a first issue that combines several genres and ultimately collapses under the weight of too many ideas, but shows glimpses of future greatness. Continue reading 20th Century Men #1 Review

Starhenge Book One: The Dragon and the Boar #2 Review

Starhenge Book One: The Dragon and the Boar #2 Review: MERLIN persuades KING AURELIUS to allow him to start the construction of STONEHENGE. Meanwhile AMBER and DARYL reunite under less than ideal circumstances in Brighton, as future MOR-DREADNAUGHTS prepare to hunt them! Continue reading Starhenge Book One: The Dragon and the Boar #2 Review

The Deadliest Bouquet #1 Review

The Deadliest Bouquet #1 Review – Jasmine Hawthorn trained her children well in the art of espionage. But in 1998, when her complicated past finally catches up with her, it’s up to her three estranged daughters, Rose, Poppy, and Violet, to solve their mom’s murder—if they can avoid killing each other in the process. Continue reading The Deadliest Bouquet #1 Review

Love Everlasting #1 Review

Love Everlasting #1 Review – Tina Turner once sang “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”. With Love Everlasting #1, everything!
Yep, and like love, this book will try your patience. It’s a bizarre combination of “Groundhog Day” and every sappy romantic 1950’s film you’ve ever seen. And I’m not talking good sappy romantic films like “Roman Holiday” or “Born Yesterday”, I’m talking the really schmaltzy stuff that make you roll your eyes and fidget, praying for the film to mercifully end. But what’s the dark menace buried within this seemingly innocuous love story?
Continue reading Love Everlasting #1 Review

Metal Society #4 Review

Metal Society #4 Review – The pressure is on. As news of WOL’s upgrade goes live, humans protest and riot in the streets, resulting in a violent late-night robot attack on the human settlement. But while both fighters realize that this divisive fight is tearing their society apart, the stakes are too high, and there is no turning back. Continue reading Metal Society #4 Review