Metal Society #2 Review

Metal Society #2 Review – The challenge is made. As our willful heroine Rosa succeeds in securing more human job opportunities, the effort inadvertently displaces construction bot WOL-421313, leading the frustrated, newly unemployed robot to follow a fundamental tenet in robot society and solve his grievance by challenging Rosa to the first ever robot-human fight. Continue reading Metal Society #2 Review

Joe Hill’s Rain #3 Review

Joe Hill’s Rain #3 Review – Joe Hill’s Rain is a post-apocalyptic story with a twist.  Here, there are no zombies or plagues, but mother nature itself has struck at humanity with random storms that rain thousands of razor-sharp needles instead of raindrops.  Joe Hill’s Rain #3 continues the story of Honeysuckle Speck and her journey to Denver, Colorado, as civilization falls apart around her. Continue reading Joe Hill’s Rain #3 Review

Joe Hill’s Rain #2 Review

Joe Hill’s Rain #2 Review – It’s the morning after the rainstorm of needles as Joe Hill’s Rain #2 opens, with Honeysuckle Speck wondering what to do next after the previous day’s slaughter of her girlfriend and friends.   But the deaths won’t end there, as another rainstorm looms, and Honeysuckle finds there are other horrors beyond a deluge of needles. Continue reading Joe Hill’s Rain #2 Review

A Thing Called Truth #4 Review

A Thing Called Truth #4 Review – Magdalene and Dorian arrive in Madrid in A Thing Called Truth #4, continuing their quest to re-enact every movie scene in Dorian’s brother’s journal.  It’s another crazy ride for the duo, as Magdalene’s past starts to catch up to her back in the states. Continue reading A Thing Called Truth #4 Review

Echolands #6 Review

Echolands #6 Review – Hope Redhood and her band have a stand-off with Romulus as they prepare to set off via rocket to Horror Hill.  Romulus (with his Frankenstein partner in tow) will do anything to get on the rocket, and conflict ensues in Echolands #6, the last chapter of “Season One” of this massive story, encompassing every genre:  horror, mystery, heroic fantasy and sci-fi. Continue reading Echolands #6 Review