X Lives of Wolverine #5 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Joshua Cassara, Frank Martin, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, and Adam Kubert

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: March 16th, 2022

Wielding the Cerebro Sword embezzled from the mutant nation of Krakoa, Mikhail Rasputin dispatched Omega Red through the fabric of time to murder Professor Xavier, mentally occupying people as he leaped through time. To deter him, Jean Grey and Charles Xavier utilized Cerebro to transmit WOLVERINE’S mind back to his own body throughout his multifaceted life, to locate and safeguard the Xavier family line. However, Mikhail has altered his plan to combat these securities, possessing WOLVERINE himself to kill Xavier. Let’s dive into X LIVES OF WOLVERINE #5 by Benjamin Percy to see if WOLVERINE has the will to fight against the power of Rasputin and Omega Red before it’s too late.

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Percy wraps up the X LIVES OF WOLVERINE saga in this week’s X LIVES OF WOLVERINE #5 with a ruthless attack that ends a bit unexpectedly and a thoughtful dive into memories and their meaning. Overall, this side of the event was more a trip down memory lane for WOLVERINE. Readers got a good glimpse of a few past incarnations of Logan and what he’s been through. And truthfully, I can get behind the knock that this aspect of the series wasn’t completely “necessary” to the story. However, it did give the tale roots and hit on emotional facets of the story giving it some teeth that are oftentimes missing from current comic stories.

WOLVERINE spends a good portion of X LIVES OF WOLVERINE reminiscing while showing the emotional attachments that everyone feels as they get older. The wear and tear mixed with the emotional baggage are not only what claws at a man but also draws them back to a time that sometimes feels a bit better. Is it mainly due to being so far removed or was it genuinely better? Are things truly worse now or is it perspective and maturity? Percy certainly takes a deep dive throughout X LIVES OF WOLVERINE #5 and uses Logan to paint a picture that everyone deals with as they get older. And might I add, it was a stellar job at that.

Now, aside from the monologuing, Percy sets up a fast-paced, action-filled issue exploding over with excitement. Before you know it, WOLVERINE is finding a way to regain the reigns of the situation and putting a stop to Mother Russia’s (maybe just Mikhail Rasputin’s) plans. My biggest concern was just how quickly WOLVERINE turns the tide… and somewhat out of nowhere. Sure, it made sense. However, it was just way too quick and seamless for an aspect of the story that felt so difficult to navigate and maneuver early on and to this point. Nevertheless, the brutality mixed with the thought-provoking monologuing made this issue quite remarkable.


Now, not only were the emotional angles well received, but the excessively violent nature of this issue was outstanding. Joshua Cassara throws one wicked fight scene between Omega Red and everyone’s favorite Canucklehead that gets downright nasty. Cassara gives fans a relentless display that’s almost pure violence between the two. Moreover, he amplifies the rage embedded into this relationship that culminates as this issue of X LIVES OF WOLVERINE wraps. There’s so much movement and blood that swirls around the page that ends in a shocking twist you’ll have to buy to see.


Was X LIVES OF WOLVERINE really needed? Yes and No. My biggest wish is that Percy spelled it out a bit more clear that Xavier and Jean needed to be occupied for the Moira angle to seem more plausible. I get it… but I can see why some may skim over that AND I can see how that is something more people read into the narrative instead of being told or shown that. And that’s my point. I wish Percy took more time to hit the point home. However, excluding that perspective, X LIVES OF WOLVERINE was extremely powerful and showcased what an amazing life WOLVERINE has had as well as his uncanny importance to mutants in general. Plus, who knows what ramifications may present themselves after this event wraps.

As for X LIVES OF WOLVERINE #5 specifically, the issue was exceptionally vivid, graphic, and extraordinarily intense. The pacing was fast, the transitions were clean, and the insight was rather thought-provoking. Like any good Ogre, this issue had some layers. Yet even though the issue had some crazy layers, it also was relentless and so $&@ exciting to read. I still stand strong with one issue remaining that other than HOXPOX and INFERNO, this is probably one of the best things to come out of the X-MEN in this new era. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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