Joe Hill’s Rain #3 Review

Story:  Joe Hill
Adaptation:  David M. Booher
Art: Zoe Thorogood and Chris O’Halloran
Letterer:  Shawn Lee
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 16th, 2022

Joe Hill’s Rain is a post-apocalyptic story with a twist.  Here, there are no zombies or plagues, but mother nature itself has struck at humanity with random storms that rain thousands of razor-sharp needles instead of raindrops.  Joe Hill’s Rain #3 continues the story of Honeysuckle Speck and her journey to Denver, Colorado, as civilization falls apart around her.

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The Story

Joe Hill’s Rain #3 begins immediately following the events of the last issue, as Honeysuckle and her new ally Marc determine whether to let Honeysuckle’s young friend Templeton stay with her as she continues to Denver.  It’s a tough decision because along with the nightmare scenario of periodic needle storms, they also have to deal with people who have turned murderous, either from grief or desperation, as well as wandering packs of thieves.

Once the decision is made, the journey continues, as the issue shows the continuing breakdown of society.  What’s interesting is that the more technology breaks down, the more barbaric people become, which I suppose would be the same in real life should something on this scale happen.

Honeysuckle spends most of this issue still dealing with the grief of losing her girlfriend.  It’s a nice change of pace from the usual post-apocalyptic tales, where the “heroes” immediately jettison their past and loved ones and surge forward, never having to suffer the emotional burden of loss.

The highlight of the issue comes when Honeysuckle comes across a police officer, who is one of those conspiracy-theory obsessed people that are so prevalent these days.  The encounter turns into a brutal moment of violence, which changes the direction of the book.  It’s a great reminder that in this world, anything can happen at any time, and will definitely amp up the story’s tension for the next 2 remaining issues.

The Art

Zoe Thorogood’s art on Joe Hill’s Rain #3 maneuvers between realism and the surreal.  Her characters run the gamut of emotions, and she’s fantastic with facial expressions.
Her background scenery captures the devastation caused by the horrific needle storms, crashed cars, and spikes dotting the landscape.  I like the way she draws Honeysuckle Speck, who resembles Shelley Duvall from “Brewster McCloud”, with her big eyes and cute features, which are a stark contrast to the world that’s collapsing around her.

Final Thoughts

Joe Hill’s Rain #3 adds another layer of suspense to Honeysuckle’s situation, spending time allowing her to grieve the love that she lost. It’s the type of horror that goes for atmosphere rather than shock, and it’s a riveting read.  As with the best stories, I have no idea what direction it will go next or how it will end, but I’m definitely staying for the ride.


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