Monarch #2 Review

Monarch #2 Review – Young Travon has ventured beyond the makeshift shelter of his high school’s walls in a desperate search for food and rations for the surviving students-but no heroic act goes unpunished. Travon finds himself captured and at the mercy of these strange beings from another world, but what do they want with him? Why are they attacking Earth? And will he ever see his beloved Daysha again, or is he as doomed as the rest of the world? Continue reading Monarch #2 Review

Lovesick #5 Review

Lovesick #5 Review – We go back in time to Domino’s youth in Lovesick #5, where we see Jack keeping her as his “pet”. It’s a dom/sub relationship where Jack has promised to cannibalize Domino as he alternately demeans her and builds her up. It’s a fascinating and disturbing psychological study of Jack and Domino, their dance of abuse, reward and surrender, that shows the beginnings of the formidable woman that Domino will ultimately become. Continue reading Lovesick #5 Review

The Last Barbarians #1 Review

The Last Barbarians #1 Review – The Last Barbarians #1 introduces a new fantasy world where everyone has to focus on one skill (thievery, sword-fighting, spellcasting, etc.), join the guild corresponding to that skill and spend the rest of their lives in that guild. Anyone who pursues learning multiple skills is called a Barbarian and becomes a social outcast. Enter Sylv, a Barbarian who refuses to limit herself to one trade. She spends her days looking for work and protecting her mentally impaired brother Shadow, a 7-foot tall impossibly strong giant who ALWAYS gets into trouble. And wait until you meet Sylv’s friends! It’s a fun new series and if you’re a fantasy lover, you’ll want to grab this one up! Continue reading The Last Barbarians #1 Review

Lovesick #4 Review

Lovesick #4 Review – Jack, a mysterious figure from Domino’s past, makes a grand entrance in Lovesick #4, and amplifies all of Domino’s inner turmoil and self-doubt. We get a look into Domino’s origins as the book moves away from the Red Room to an even more grotesque world of high society dinners where cannibalism is the main attraction and Domino may be next on the menu. Continue reading Lovesick #4 Review

Lovesick #3 Review

Lovesick #3 Review – Domino finds herself on the defensive in Lovesick #3, as she comes under attack by The Bloodcels, a group of sadistic incels armed to the teeth and wanting nothing more than to take her out in the most agonizing and humiliating way possible. It’s another fantastic issue of a series that’s part erotic fantasy, part psychological horror and 100% disturbing in the best possible way. Continue reading Lovesick #3 Review

Golden Rage #5 Review

Golden Rage #5 Review – Golden Rage #5 concludes the saga of Jay, Lottie, Rosie and Caroline (at least for now), as they struggle to decide whether to take a boat out and leave the island forever or stay and make a stand against other attacking tribes. It’s “Battle Royale” combined with “The Golden Girls”, with a conclusion that’s simultaneously captivating and frustrating. Continue reading Golden Rage #5 Review

Lovesick #2 Review

Lovesick #2 Review – The story of Domino, the dominatrix who kills willing submissives (AKA “piglets”) and broadcasts her shows on the Dark Web, continues in Lovesick #2. The issue amps up the violence to Lucio Fulci levels and gives us an interesting look into Domino’s psyche, including her Autassassinophilia (look it up, it’s fascinating). It’s another great issue beautifully fusing sexuality, BDSM, and horror. Continue reading Lovesick #2 Review

Gospel #1 Review

When opportunity refuses to knock for restless hero Matilde the devil comes knocking. Inspired by the work of Hayoa Miyazaki and set in the chaos of King Henry VIII’s reign GOSPEL is a thrilling fantasy adventure that questions the truth behind the stories we tell. Thrust into action by a hellish arrival Matilde and storyteller Pitt will quest for answers answers that threaten to tear them apart and trigger the toughest question of all: “who am I?” Continue reading Gospel #1 Review

Lovesick #1 Review

Lovesick #1 Review – Lovesick #1 delves into the darkest corners of the internet (and the soul). It’s a world of dominatrices, snuff films and red rooms, where viewers with extreme kinks pay a monthly subscription to watch Domino, dominatrix extraordinaire and the main character of the story, torture and abuse willing male slaves. Above all else, it’s a fascinating look into a war (of sorts) between extreme BDSM lovers and the malevolent ever-present incels who attack them. Continue reading Lovesick #1 Review

Golden Rage #3 Review

Golden Rage #3 Review – Golden Rage #3 continues the story, which is a combination of “The Hunger Games” and “Battle Royale”, where women who have reached menopause age are taken to a massive island to live out the rest of their lives, struggling against nature and each other to survive. This issue picks up immediately from last issue, as Jay, Lottie, Rosie and Caroline confront the Red Hats, the most violent faction on the island. Continue reading Golden Rage #3 Review

Onyx #1 Review

Onyx #1 Review – Onyx #1 is a 100-pager, a deluxe tale of an alien female named Onyx, decked out in powerful armor capable of interstellar travel, coming to Earth to fight an alien species called the Spoors, who destroyed her own world and are moving across the galaxy, taking root on each planet and taking it over in an insidious “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” type way. Will this mix of sci-fi and super-heroics create a winning book? Continue reading Onyx #1 Review

Flawed #1 Review

Gem Ezz is a psychiatrist in the Kafkaesque city of Setham, where corruption and brutality rule the streets. By day, she uses words to solve her patients’ problems. By night, she takes a more direct—and sometimes deadly—approach. But when her practice puts her in the sights of an immortal serial killer, Gem finds herself embroiled in a power struggle that threatens everything she’s ever known. Continue reading Flawed #1 Review

Vanish #1 Review

Vanish #1 Review – Vanish #1 weaves a tale of magic, super-heroes and a decaying city. It’s dark urban fantasy where the heroes and villains aren’t who you think. The story’s main character is Oliver Harrison, also known as “The Chosen One”, who realizes his destiny in this first issue. Imagine a much darker version of Harry Potter who grows up to be The Punisher, and that will give you an inkling of the story that’s inside. Continue reading Vanish #1 Review

Golden Rage #2 Review

Golden Rage #2 Review – Golden Rage #2 continues the story of Jay, Lottie, Rosie and Caroline, exiled to an island with other post-menopausal women and having to struggle and fight to survive. Imagine “Battle Royale” or a bloodier, more brutal version of “Hunger Games”, but with women aged 41 and over. They can never leave the island and have to survive the best they can. The island is split into different factions and tribes. The Red Hat faction is the most savage, and as the story continues, Jay, who has just arrived at the island and been “adopted” by Lottie, Rose and Caroline, must face the possibility of the Red Hats coming for her at any moment. Continue reading Golden Rage #2 Review