X-Force #23 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Martin Coccolo, Guru-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, Joshua Cassara, and Dean White

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: September 8th, 2021


Beast gets invaded by mini soldiers while Colossus’ brother begins planning something ceding deep within the heart of Russia in this week’s all-new X-FORCE #23 by Benjamin Percy. How does Xeno fit into all of this? And, does Percy begin to divulge even more dastardly deeds on the horizon for everyone’s favorite furry blue guy? Let’s dive into the issue and find out!

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This statement may come across as weird but, the Russian’s get it! Mikhail Rasputin said it best in this very issue of X-FORCE, “the mutant nation grows inside Mother Russia like its favorite child.” Russia utilizes the beauty and embraces the unique, the clever, and interesting. However, they bring it up alongside humanity without fear. And together, mutant and Russian alike work in harmony with a common goal and objective. That my friends is how it’s supposed to be.

So, the follow-up question is, why can’t America accept mutants? Well, Rasputin continues to expand on that very reason why. He states that the Krakoan mutants are basically egotistical, self-centered, and have begun to show prejudice towards other nations. Ultimately, they’ve become what’s threaten them for decades. Percy finally uses X-FORCE to hit the nail on the head as to what everyone else has seen since the start of HOXPOX. It truly does pain me to say it but I think Percy is showing readers through Rasputin and Beast the Krakoan’s true colors.

No one wants to say it… but I will. The Krakoan mutants are the bad guys here. Maybe not when HOXPOX began? And certainly, their intentions were in the right place. However, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux once said, “Hell is full of good wishes and desires.” Nowadays, we know that phrase as “Hell is paved with good intentions.” Percy uses X-FORCE #23 to fortify that very dynamic by providing weight to everyone’s theory. Heck, Nightcrawler has been sifting through the very premise of mutant’s frivolous concept of life and liberty in the pages of WAY OF X. Could Mutantkind be more corrupt and wicked?


Martin Coccolo and Guru-eFX do a splendid job bolstering this story with detailed play-by-play’s that were incredibly easy to follow. Readers won’t skip a beat while flawlessly sashaying from panel to panel as if they are walking alongside Mikhail Rasputin and Beast respectively. It’s truly this art team that helped tell the story this week. Coccolo and his team deserve some serious props.


X-FORCE #23 wasn’t too wordy and was super easy to follow. The plot will truly capture the reader’s attention and continues to develop the Beast storyline, as well as the Russian angle extremely well. Furthermore, the character motivations are pure, realistic, and show the corrupt nature of the human/ mutant spirit as well as their power dynamic. X-FORCE #23 was a fascinating and remarkable story this week that brings fans back to the strong writing of Percy and the vibrant art team that’s helped make this book a staple within the X-MEN continuity.

One could even argue that X-FORCE’S themes and influences were based solely on showcasing that “good intentions” simply aren’t good enough. If you remember, I quoted above “The Road to Hell is paved in good intentions.” However, most people forget the second half of that quote. “The Road to Heaven is paved with good actions.” Percy continues to show “the bastard in charge” Beast who continues to make some very questionable decisions in the name of Krakoa. Granted, he’s not the only mutant. Look no further than the Quiet Council to see that this presumption stretches well beyond the pages of X-FORCE. Nonetheless, it’s this week’s tale that truly begins to get readers to question which side the mutants are on. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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