Green Lantern #6 Review

Writer: Geoffrey Thorne

Artists: Marco Santucci & Tom Raney

Color Artist: Mike Atiyeh

Cover Artist: Bernard Chang & Alex Sinclair

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The Green Lanterns are under attack! Their Central Power Battery has been destroyed from a mysterious assailant. Now the Green Lanterns are powerless and being hunted. Corps Leader John Stewart is lost in the Dark Sector while new Green Lantern Jo Mullein does what she can to keep what remains of the Corps alive. But in Green Lantern #6, Lantern Jo has to retrieve Teen Lantern from rampaging on New Korugar before she incurs the wrath of Sinestro.


So, this comic issue’s first story picks up where Green Lantern #5 started with Teen Lantern attacking New Korugar and the Sinestro Corps, but it explores it from Jo and Simon Baz’s perspective as they travel on a United Planets ship to retrieve her. For the most part, the initial half of the story is Jo prepping to meet Sinestro and familiarizing herself with his general history, his record if you will. It doesn’t mention specific history, just the general gist of his history and time as a super-villain on Earth and in outer space.

When they finally get there, the comic briefly leaps into action with Simon going towards Teen Lantern and Jo heading to speak with Sinestro. There’s very little action in this story and really the whole comic; just brief moments of action but nothing exciting. The confrontation between Sinestro and Jo is very boring. Don’t let Bryan Hitch’s variant cover fool you! Their exchanges with each other are pretty dull with Sinestro being the only one with personality. Really, the whole point is so Jo, or rather the comic, can confirm that Sinestro isn’t behind the Central Power Battery’s destruction.

That’s not much of a big spoiler, since anyone can reach that deduction on their own from reading the second issue. Mentioning Sinestro in the line of suspects was painfully obvious misdirection. Other than that, there’s not much else developed in this comic aside from that. No new leads, no new evidence for Jo to go on about the Central Power Battery’s destruction. Nothing.


The second story is more like the first: recap with little action or thrills. The story follows up with the last issue exploring Kilowog’s situation and John Stewart’s Lanterns prepping to go rescue him. There’s more expository world-building about the Dark Sector that isn’t really interesting until the reveal of a new group of enemies that I’ll get into the Spoilers section. Ultimately, this issue is all about wrapping up previous stories while prepping the characters for the next phase in the Future State storyline.


The second story dives into Kilowog’s situation, about the Dark Sector’s ancient “Barrier War” waged between multiple alien species, and it reveals a new group of enemies called the Golden Centurions. They’re not visually distinctive, they could easily be mistaken for glowing Thanagarians or gold-skinned Angels. The only notable things about them is they’re not in the original Future State storyline, they have the ability to cast a hypnosis on other lifeforms to make them obedient slaves, and they serve a mysterious being called the Lightbringer. There’s a chance they could become interesting villains in the next few issues, so we’ll see.

Final Thoughts:

Green Lantern #6 wraps up previous stories and preps the Green Lanterns for the next ones. There’s very little action or dynamic storytelling in this comic, just setup with expository world-building that will likely pay off in later issues. The first half concludes the Teen Lantern rampage on New Korugar with Jo Mullein, while the second half gets John Stewart ready to go find Kilowog. Neither story is particularly exciting, they’re more informative than anything, but there is a bit of intrigue concerning some new villains introduced in the second story.


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