Wolverine #17 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Lan Medina, Cam Smith, Java Tartaglia, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, Frank Martin, and Adam Kubert

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 27th, 2021

Logan has been around the block, to say the least. He’s died and has come back to life. He’s been tortured, mind-controlled, mind-wiped, and has even worked for a variety of Super Teams and Organizations. Needless to say, he’s had his hands in so many cookie jars throughout the years that he probably can’t even count. However, the one thing that’s always stood the test of time through all of Logan’s life is his loyalty to his friends, regardless of his or their walk with life. Let’s dive into WOLVERINE #17 by Benjamin Percy to see just how those friendships have found a means of knitting themselves together as this series propels forward.

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Benjamin Percy delivers another extremely well-written issue in this week’s WOLVERINE #17. As this incredibly new-user-friendly story begins to unfold, readers discover Percy weaving back together two fan-favorite characters from two prior arcs in a somewhat intriguing fashion. This new somewhat twisted, crime-infused, espionage tale of mystery and murder was rather inventive and really connected Percy’s entire 17 issue narrative together nicely. What’s even more noticeable is how much I found myself driven towards the new character Jeff Bannister almost as if he’s me (the reader) in the story. Bannister was real, his dialogue was authentic, and his regular-guy vibes ran true to form making him extremely likable.

Yet, for all the amazing elements Percy brings to the table, there were many aspects that fell a bit flat. The “bar humor” was a serious miss for me this week. It felt like the Karaoke was forced and used as a silly tactic to get Maverick back into the narrative, which just didn’t sit well with this reviewer. For a character that was so defiant of joining the Krakoan natives, why would Maverick so easily feel like coming back to have a drink… ever? I understand that he’s a vital role in the success of this arc. However, I think he could have been introduced in a more natural or fluid way than bar Karaoke.


Lan Medina and Cam Smith together incorporate a rather realistic and detailed design to this action-packed issue of WOLVERINE with the focus heavily on close-up facial features. Yet, the explosive nature of this issue erupts on the scene as WOLVERINE leads a makeshift team to infiltrate a group trying to unleash a toxic assault on Krakoa and the ocean at large. That’s when the art truly comes into its own and evolves into something special. The more action that ensues, the more dynamic Medina and Smith’s illustrations become. WOLVERINE’S assault was exceptionally graphic while he drove his claws deep into the sternum of the masked baddies as this issue concluded.


WOLVERINE #17 was a clever, crime enriched, mystery thriller with future twists and turns woven into the foundation of the story. However, to fans invested since Percy’s WOLVERINE began, the kinks seem pretty straightforward yet still fun and entertaining. To new fans interested in jumping on right here at WOLVERINE #17, not only will they be able to follow along, but I feel it’s the perfect spot, along with the summary page, to hitch your wagon to the series. New readers will get an accurate depiction of what Percy’s WOLVERINE brings to the table and just how dynamic his stories have been since taking the reigns. Seeing Maverick back in the stories was certainly a highlight but I wish it happen under different circumstances. Yet, I have no doubt fans will be drawn towards Agent Bannister like Ben Urich as always gravitate my own attention. Hop in now, let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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