New Mutants #31 Review

Writer: Charlie Jane Anders
Art: Alberto Alburquerque, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, Carlos Lopez and Tamra Bonvillain
Letters: VC’s Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 26th, 2022

Escapade, the transgender mutant who debuted back in early Summer in Marvel Voices: Pride #1, begins her training and joins other mutant students in Krakoa in New Mutants #31.  Escapade has to deal with the usual awful things that come with a new school:  making friends, remembering where all your courses are located (was Algebra 101 near the volcano?), not looking like a klutz in front of the cool kids, battling a contingent of The U-Men…wait a minute, The U-Men are back?  Geez, didn’t the X-Men hand those organ harvesting geeks a big “L” the last time they fought?

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The Story

What I’ve always loved about the X-Men books are the diversity of the characters, their wide range of designs, power sets and personalities.  The batch of young mutants undergoing training in New Mutants #31 is as diverse as they come, as we get to see more of mutants Cosmar, Anole, Rain Boy, the charming Cerebella and, of course, Escapade.

Escapade’s delightful, I’ve loved the character since her first appearance.  She has a great power set (able to switch locations, attributes or powers with any person she’s within a 7-foot radius of), and she’s hyper-energetic, optimistic and fiercely loyal to her friend Morgan Red.  Also, I love her character design, with her sassy red bangs with green tips, her big aviator-style goggles and her colorful jumpsuit and jacket.  It’s a great look that simultaneously feels modern and classic.

The first half of the issue has Escapade getting acquainted with her classmates, who welcome her with open arms.  She and Cerebella seem to bond the best. It’s fun to read them just hanging out and chatting, trading war stories of their pasts, showing off their powers to each other and getting in a prank or two.  I always love these character moments, just getting to know the characters and their voices.

There are some great little interludes throughout the book, with excerpts from Cerebella’s journal and a cell phone text exchange between Escapade and Morgan Red, which are fun little diversions that make this world feel more deep and rich.  Also, when Escapade reminisces about her childhood with Morgan, the memories are drawn in a great “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” style that make her memories even sweeter.
The last half of the issue shows the group (along with their teacher Wolfsbane) going to New York on field trip, where disaster ensues  when the U-Men attack.  This part of the issue is gripping, as the classmates are thrown into a combat situation, and the issue ends on a fantastic cliffhanger.

The Art

The art on New Mutants #31 is wonderfully varied, with the bulk of the book having a clean emotive style, with occasional scenes drawn more in a cartoonish “Charlie Brown” style. Krakoa is drawn in a beautiful lush manner, it’s a place that anyone would want to visit, with its lush terrain and beautiful waterfalls.  It almost becomes a character in the story itself. All the characters and their many forms and expressions are captured perfectly and add extra depth to the story.

Final Thoughts

New Mutants #31 begins a new story arc focusing on Escapade and her classmates, and it’s a super fun read, with a great mix of humor, character development and action.


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