Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 Review

Writer: Sean Murphy
Art: Sean Murphy and Dave Stewart (colorist)
Publisher: DC comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 25, 2022

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In the latest installment of this series, Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 presents us with more background on Bruce’s relationships towards Harley, Dick Grayson and the Joker in this universe. It also shows the conflict between Dick and Jason, “competing” in a way, to see who Bruce favors more. We also see the official debut of Blight, having previously seen Derek Powers exposed to radioactive chemicals last issue. Some fans may be disappointed to learn that Terry is absent for this issue, but he most likely will show up next issue to have his first encounter with Blight, since Blight appears near the end of this one. We also see Bruce voice what many fans are thinking: the idea of Batman and Harley together seeming crazy. And yet, the story makes it work, based on the re-imagining of the characters, including the Joker.


The artwork in Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 continues to impress, with Sean Murphy continuing his motif of using the silhouettes of the characters in costume, juxtaposed against their current selves. Blight’s design looks cool and a fitting redesign for this universe. Dick’s backstory showcased a lot of his time as Robin, showing his past training with Bruce, as well as his relationship with Barbara/Batgirl.


Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 is a solid, well-developed issue. Despite not featuring Terry this time around, it presents good character development for Bruce, Dick, and Harley, as well as the intimidating introduction of Blight, with a cliffhanger to leave readers on the edge of their seats until next issue. Hopefully, Terry will return next time. What do you think will happen next?


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