X-Men ’92: House of XCII #2 Review

Writer: Steve Foxe

Art: Salva Espin, Israel Silva, David Baldeòn, and VC’s Joe Sabino

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: June 1st, 2022

With the country of Krakoa solidified, mutantkind is prepared to uphold their new country from all types of dangers. However, the X-MEN have no clue about the mutant whose ability of resurrection runs the entire show! Let’s dive into X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII #2 by Steve Foxe to see how the inclusive Krakoan age amounts thirty years earlier with everyone’s beloved ’90s X-MEN at the epicenter!

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So, X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII has been taking a bit of flack online. Some have said that it’s basically just HOXPOX all over again causing the premise to lack originality. And truthfully, I can genuinely see where they’re coming from. For those not on the hook, ultimately X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII has the makings of HOXPOX but with Jubilee as Moira MacTaggert. That should get everyone up to speed as to the status quo thus far. However, I would argue that X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s morphing together the animated series and the Hickman Era, which are two outstanding fan favorites.

Moreover, X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII #2 begins by showing readers that it hasn’t forgotten about Jubilee’s past, including her vampire days to boot. They all happened but were just past lives of hers, which is a pretty cool wrinkle to weave into the animated series continuity that mixes Jubilee lore with some animated series fun. Additionally, I love that WOLVERINE is the “detective” of the series. It’s Logan who smells something rotten in Denmark and is tracking down answers instead of Mystique and Destiny.

Furthermore, I admired the extra animated series characters that are thrown in and given bigger roles than they received in the HOXPOX run. Characters like SABRETOOTH, Lady Deathstrike, Creed, Trask, and Bridge make more of an appearance. Or how about Avalanche, old man CABLE, Maverick, and Scarlet Witch arrive on Krakoa and make an appearance too? My point is: for all the similarities between the animated series and Hickman Era, Steve Foxe is still adding just enough spin to keep both HOXPOX and the animated series fans happy.


Foxes’ story is fine but it’s Salva Espin and Israel Silva that make X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII #2 something special. The colors are so bright and vibrant while mimicking that early 90s graffiti-style well. Plus, the silly play at mixtapes and song lists add a fundamental touch to the issue that shows this creative team’s level of commitment, not to mention the inner spotlight of Orchis members and the explosive splash page that represents the key players.

Yet overall, even with the stellar design of X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII #2, it’s the almost identical portrayal of the characters to the animated series that push this narrative over the top. If this series didn’t emulate the design and tone of the animated series, then X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII would just be a sly rip-off of HOXPOX, like the Go-Bots were to the Transformers. But the point of the series is centered around the design which is not only the draw but the purpose. Without Espin and Silva, this would just be some offshoot, a forgotten story. However, it’s this creative team that ultimately makes this issue so spectacular.


What did you expect? For a comic to incorporate the animated series along with the HOXPOX era, did you expect some epic twist that would blow your mind? Technically, Foxe already did that by incorporating Jubilee as a dominant role. And might I add, such a dominant role that she’s never seen before. It elevates the character to new heights unlike any she’s seen before which is one heck of a wrinkle. Haters simply need to stop, reflect, and realize that you get a fantastic blend of two X-MEN genres that should make true fans salivate.

Sure, we don’t find out much in this week’s X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII #2. Readers learn that this is it for Jubilee, WOLVERINE is on her tails, and who the big heads are that are running Orchis. However, as far as stories go, this sucker is moving fast and giving you all the pertinent information you need without the fluff. Readers get action, dozens of character cameos, and the cliff notes of events that led to where we are right now. And readers, I haven’t even addressed how outstanding Salva Espin and Israel Silva’s artistic chops are that literally mimic the animated series flawlessly. The style of these two practically makes X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII #2 worth the price alone to any and all animated series fans. If you’ve been on the fence about this series but are a true X-MEN fan that kicked off in the 90s, this X-MEN ‘92: HOUSE OF XCII is for you! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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