X-Force Annual #1 Review

Writer: Nadia Shammas

Art: Rafael Pimental, Carlos Lopez, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, Taurin Clarke

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: April 6th, 2022

X-FORCE has always governed on the peripheries of Krakoan civilization, embarking on the missions and secret objectives the X-MEN can’t and won’t rectify. That said, would there be anyone better to experiment on than the mutant’s own covert ops team? Let’s dive into X-FORCE ANNUAL #1 by Nadia Shammas and Rafael Pimental as Orchis formulates a plan that could be devastating, not only to X-FORCE, but to all psychics and telekinetics across the world.

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Continuing the theme that Beast is up to something pretty twisted, Shammas uses X-FORCE ANNUAL #1 to nail that point home. If readers ever had a doubt, this issue clarified the intentions of this Dark Beast. However, I like the angle Percy and Shammas are playing at. It’s not necessarily because he’s “evil” as much as he thinks he’s doing good. Plus, it’s actually the resurrection protocols that appear to be adding to his frivolous value of individual life, which makes logical sense. It makes the premise “whatever it takes” bring about an all-new meaning.

Moreover, Beast isn’t an idiot, nor is his team. Shammas utilizes X-FORCE ANNUAL #1 as an opportunity to build up more tension between Beast and Sage, as well as suspicion amongst the team members. There is no doubt Kid Omega smells something rotten afoot. Therefore, after reading X-FORCE #27 this week as well, readers can see the direction of X-FORCE plain as day which will add some much-needed tension to this year’s series. Could a faction or offshoot appear surrounding Beast? Could Beast’s effort get him sent to the pit for treason? There is a ton to scratch at in this week’s X-FORCE ANNUAL #1 for sure.


Rafael Pimental and Carlos Lopez were a strong choice to add something different to X-FORCE. Normally, this series looks a bit gritty with some muddier coloring and rough, edgy linework. It’s not that Robert Gill and Joshua Cassara are bad by any stretch. It’s just the tone and style they use when rendering the series. However, Pimental and Lopez offer a more crisp, sharp, and detailed appearance that I absolutely adore. That’s just more my cup of Darjeeling. Even the browns and yellows of WOLVERINE’S suit popped more than usual. And, Beast’s blue features had more detail than normal, as well as Domino’s face which looked so much more clean and smooth. I’d love to see this art team get an entire arc with Percy to see exactly what they can do.


X-FORCE ANNUAL #1 by Shammas was a fantastic relief pitcher for the series. The premise and foundation of what Percy built with X-FORCE didn’t change or waver. The action and adventure were still a vital element of the series, the key players were all involved, and the characters all juggled some valued screen time. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed the switch up on the art team for the issue.

Overall, X-FORCE ANNUAL #1 was a happy surprise that I think all fans of the series will enjoy. Yet, if you don’t have the money to buy both issues of X-FORCE this week, this may be the one to skip only because it is the annual and it’s more like an extra story. The plot may come back to surprise you, however, it felt like an addition more than a necessity. That said, I actually enjoyed X-FORCE ANNUAL #1 more than X-FORCE #27 this week! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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