X-Force #24 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Martin Coccolo, Guru-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, Joshua Cassara, and Dean White

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: October 13th, 2021

Beast has been… acting differently, to say the least. His character since X-FORCE began has been uncharacteristic and even jaded to a degree. Nevertheless, his agenda focused of ‘keeping Krakoa safe’ has forced him to do some questionable things since this series began. And in the last issue, Beast delved back into the tiny nesting dolls only to become infiltrated by one of them. Worried he was compromised, Beast asked Black Tom to help him get to the ‘root’ of the problem. Meanwhile, the brothers Rasputin may find themselves front and center in the foundation of Krakoan development, regardless of their stance or beliefs. Let’s dive into X-FORCE #24 by Benjamin Percy to see what stories are on the horizon that could change the very fabric of Krakoa at large.

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This week’s X-FORCE hops between the aggressive insides of Hank McCoy and the peaceful terrain that’s the Savage Land with Colossus. However, the expectation of the Black Tom/ Beast story was pretty straightforward… at least until the end. It’s the Colossus narrative that will truly shock readers and draw them into X-FORCE closer and closer. Stay on your toes for that twist as you read this week’s issue for sure.

Nevertheless, as Percy wraps up X-FORCE this week, we see both Beast and Colossus literally lose their minds but in two wildly different and unique ways. The cleverness and creativity in Percy’s story this week will undoubtedly re-percolate your interest in X-FORCE. Furthermore, the genius of this story coming together showcases two other fronts in which Krakoa is under attack. Neither is direct, however, both are extraordinary. This week’s X-FORCE is the perfect example of how a creative team can make an issue exciting, keep readers on the edge of their seat, and yet involve little fast-paced action. What an excellent job by Percy this week!


Martin Coccolo and his crew provide a pretty pictorial array of graphics this week involving the insides of Beast’s bloodstream and intestinal tract as well as the vividly bright beauty of the Savage Land. The range for this creative team has truly encapsulated the shock, trauma, and passion for the story. Furthermore, the colors made the issue pop and added a level of sharpness equipped to drive this story forward. Percy, Coccolo, and the rest of the team should be extremely well pleased with the execution this week.


X-FORCE #24 is dynamically brilliant, imaginative, and showcases two various strategies of infiltration mixed with two distinct avenues one could lose their mind. Moreover, X-FORCE #24 finally reinvigorates a comic that’s been rather stale lately. Once again, Percy cleverly kickstarts the narrative using mystery and intrigue with a slice of prosperous originality and artistic beauty from Coccolo and his squad. The setup and the tools are all here and I simply can’t wait to see what’s next as X-FORCE continues to unravel with these two new threats. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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