X Deaths Of Wolverine #2 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Federico Vicentini, Dijjo Lima, Frank Martin, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, and Adam Kubert

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: February 16th, 2022

In order to safeguard the future, Moira MacTaggert confidentially prohibited precognitive mutants from being resurrected. But, when Mystique uncovered that Moira was liable for keeping Destiny dead and buried, she cut off Moira’s arm and shot her with a weapon created by Forge which altered her down to the genetic core. Alas, Moira is no longer a mutant and thus cannot be resurrected like everyone else (so they say). Therefore, after fleeing Krakoa, Moira finds herself on the run from Mystique and also battling Stage Four Cancer! Let’s dive into X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE #2 by Benjamin Percy as we follow up with Moira on the run searching for a cure to the only life she has left.

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More or less, X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE doesn’t answer much nor does it shed a ton of light on who this Phalanx-infused WOLVERINE is. Sure, readers will continue to see Moira on the run, and might I add doing a bang-up job keeping out of reach from Mystique. However, Percy doesn’t really progress the issue much nor does he leave fans with a big mystery cliffhanger questioning the direction of the series.

Readers learn a tad bit about the Phalanx-WOLVERINE hybrid that makes you question where and when it came from. Additionally, fans discover why Moira is sick and how (or at least how she thinks she’s become so sick). But alas, the lack of action and definitive answers left this week’s X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE #2 feeling a bit flat almost as if it was missing… something. I mean, Percy needs to quickly get to the root of this feud. Why? Well, mutants currently can’t die. So, even if Moira continues to kill Mystique or anyone else who comes after her for that matter, they’ll just continue to track her down and resurrect themselves. So, what’s the end game?

Moreover, I wonder if the mutants know Moira has cancer? If they knew she had Stage Four Cancer, why wouldn’t they just let her alone to die, especially if they knew they indirectly caused it? Furthermore, what’s the purpose behind the Phalanx-WOLVERINE hybrid? Is he really from the future? Is he from a different timeline? Is it actually WOLVERINE? And, is it on Moira’s side? Could it be a fail-safe sent from a prior life by Moira MacTaggert? My point is that these are all great questions that could have had answers placed within this issue. Granted, not all of them of course… but some type of direction and explanations would have been nice considering the lack of action and information in this week’s X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE.

Heck, my lack of answers had me searching up names online from the issue like Arnab Chakladar and Epiphany which lead to dead ends and fun facts. Why? Well, because they were slyly name-dropped in the issue. Did you know that Arnab Chakladar is the name of a person who provided a photo for an article on Percy’s new book THE UNFAMILIAR GARDEN? That’s about all I could dig up.


Federico Vicentini’s style continues to be unique with his scratchy and almost cartoonish appearance. It reminds me of a style suited more for a Saturday Morning cartoon or a Young Readers book. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, it takes away some of the realism and impact the X-MEN era has collided with along with these past couple of years. Furthermore, the art is very smooth and clean lacking a bit of texture and definition. For example, as X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE #2 comes to a close, the Phalanx-WOLVERINE Hybrid comes across photos of someone. Is it supposed to be Tony Stark? Is Moira searching out IRON MAN? Is it someone I’m supposed to know?

Honestly, I’m not sure. And that’s the point. The art isn’t definitive enough to make that call which caused this reviewer to search for answers in the first place he could find online. However, Vicentini’s team still manages to keep readers involved with some absolutely stellar panel movement and progression. This may not be the artistic style I gravitate towards but I can see why fans are digging it throughout X LIVES/ DEATHS OF WOLVERINE. It has a mild hint of Pepe Larraz who’s been unstoppable as of late.


X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE #2 kind of stalls out this week by providing little answers that could be summarized in about two sentences. Now, I’m sure Percy dropped subtle hints and clues that will pay off in later issues. Yet as for this installment, I found myself feeling like little new information was garnered as well as the ultimate purpose or end game of X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE. Other than seeing what’s currently transpiring with Moira, I’m scratching my head as to why we need this aspect of the series. Little action and minor story development made the issue feel a bit lackluster this week.

However, I have mixed emotions. Like any good writer, Percy still managed to spark loads of questions and keep my interest piqued, which is what makes this issue so difficult to review. In a vacuum as a single issue, it definitely seems to be missing something. Hence, my searching into Arnab Chakladar for answers. Nevertheless, if I look back to X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE #2 a month from now, will I see all the sly, subtle wrinkles that were clues which would make me rethink my score? Could be? But for now, what we have is an issue missing affirmative answers, definitive direction, and a blatant purpose with little to no action to elevate the excitement the prior issues of X LIVES/ DEATHS OF WOLVERINE have been saturated with. And the purpose of the review is to review THIS issue and what we have. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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