Way of X #1 Review

Writer: Si Spurrier

Art: Bob Quinn, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Tom Muller, Marte Garcia, Java Tartaglia, and Giuseppe Camuncoli

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: April 21st, 2021

Mutantkind has constructed a contemporary Eden of sorts. Yet, for those looking, there are snakes in this garden. Some mutants fight to find a place while others turn to violence and cessation. However, under the surface, the children murmur of the Patchwork Man who “sings to their hearts”. But, only one mutant realizes the hovering dark cloud of Krakoa. Let’s dive into WAY OF X #1 by Si Spurrier to see if Nightcrawler can fight for the very soul of Krakoa before it’s too late.

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Let me start by simply saying the best aspect of the X-MEN books: continuity and teamwork. The X-MEN titles are the first grouping of titles that truly play well with each other. Whether it’s editorial, the Head of X (Jonathan Hickman), or actual retreats where the writers and artists get together to decipher plot lines and narrative angles, these series fit together like puzzle pieces. In essence, it’s partial equivalent to its universe with Hickman leading the charge.

Additionally, think of all the hot button topics the X-MEN books have brought to light. Well, now, Si Spurrier has been tasked with ironing out one of (in my opinion) the most controversial topics that have hit this series since HOXPOX, resurrection, and God. And, who better to take on that journey than Nightcrawler himself!


WAY OF X is actually quite genius. You see, Spurrier uses the most Christian mutant he can think of to approach the angle of resurrection from the stance of the religion centered around a God-Man who was resurrected. Don’t let the irony fly over your head. Furthermore, Spurrier uses this opening installment as a footstool to promote the mutant stance on resurrection since Krakoa has begun. To the younger generation, it’s all the rage. It’s pop culture. It’s expected. And, if you won’t hop on board like the “Boomer” Nightcrawler is, you’re just a “Wanda”! Yup… Spurrier has made “Wanda” the new “Karen”.

However, it’s not just the new generation that’s shrugging off death. Many Krakoan leaders believe that they’re practically gods. If having superpowers wasn’t enough, imagine the capability to be resurrected. Well, as many would expect, Nightcrawler’s having a very difficult time with this. To him, resurrection doesn’t “feel” right. Are “you” still “you”? Does Cerebro really have the ability to not only move your mind but your soul/ spirit as well? And, where do mutants go from here? If death becomes a moot point, it could lead to total anarchy.

Death is the fear of the unknown. Death is our curse and punishment in this sinful, fallen, broken world. If there’s no fear or ultimately punishment, what’s stopping humanity from doing whatever they want? Religion helps with accountability and in turn, props up morality keeping societies function with an overall idea of character and respect. Nightcrawler is noticing that this “perfect” mutant society of Krakoa is on the brink. A few people see it and expect Nightcrawler, the resident Christian teacher- preacher, to drum up something. Hopefully, he realizes he doesn’t have to search very far. However, he needs to figure out how to connect the dots between mutant resurrection and Christianity first.


Bob Quinn and Java Tartaglia do a fantastic job making this series look and feel like the main X-MEN book whose been spearheaded by Mahmud Asrar as of late. Quinn nicely guides the reader from panel to panel making the story flow rather quickly. When violent action scenes are being portrayed, his boxes and frames also become more violent, sharp, and contrast the page well. Furthermore, Tartaglia’s colors are drastic and paint such a darker tone within the issue. I legitimately felt just as lost as Kurt did throughout this entire opening installment due solely to this art team.


Spurrier will make you think. WAY OF X isn’t for the comic fans who want a smash and grab action comic. It’s more of a discussion book. WAY OF X is a water cooler series. Spurrier has created a series centered around the heavy topics of faith, religion, spirituality, and resurrection. Regardless of where you stand on the religious spectrum, I’m sure it will drum up some meaningful thought-provoking discussion within your core group of friends and family. I, for one, have left this inaugural issue excited for the direction of the series as we follow the tortured soul of Nightcrawler and see what he uncovers. Readers, this is a MUST BUY from anyone who’s been on board since HOXPOX. And frankly, with a little background, could be an interesting read to new recruits as well. Pick this up, let me know what you think, and God bless!


2 thoughts on “Way of X #1 Review

  1. I remember the 3 fortune teller cards in Powers of X: the Magician, the Tower,the Devil. The Devil speaks of Nightcrawler, making more mutants in reference to the crucible, bringing back the dead but also the spirit, soul, and psychological aspect of man. The Magician speaks of Dr. Nemesis, making mutants in reference to cloning, the physical, biological, scientific aspect of man. I’m also reminded of the Ecclesiastes verse that says, “to everything there is a season, a time for peace and a time for war.” The Red Devil represents that part of man, the soul that wants Peace, yet the Metamorph represent a cruel reality that War is a part of this physical, earthly existence.

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